Whether it’s dancing the night away or going to a fireworks display, we all have a different way of celebrating our entrance into the new year. London is one of the best places to spend your last day of the year; the city is vibrant and thriving, especially on New Year’s Eve. 

No doubt you’ll want to plan something exciting, which is why we’ve come up with our guide to help you plan the perfect New Year’s Eve that you’ll remember for years to come. All you need to do is find suitable accommodation and organise your train to London Kings Cross station.

The New Year’s Eve Fireworks

What better to go see than the famous firework showcase that takes place near the London Eye each year? After a two-year hiatus, the stunning display is back by popular demand and starts at midnight, accompanied by the sounds of Big Ben.

Whilst tickets may now be sold out, you can still get close to the action without having to pay. Just outside of the ticketed zone is Cannon Street, which provides a great view of the riverside. Make sure to get here early, however, as the area becomes very busy later on. You can also go to Primrose Hill, one of the highest points in the city, where you are met with a panoramic view of Central London.

River Cruise along the Thames

Celebrating the New Year on a cruise along the Thames is another great way of spending time with family and friends in London, and an alternative way of watching the fireworks. There are numerous cruise types to accommodate everyone, including a family cruise for children, a party cruise for the socialites and an evening meal for the hopeless romantics.

Go to a theatre show

Pantomimes and theatre shows are a tradition in London during this time of year, and there’s no place better to go see a show than in the West End Theatre District. These world-renowned theatres consistently put on spectacular performances, including a variety of musicals, and most will showcase a matinee performance on New Year’s Eve.

Taking the children to a performance during the day is ideal to keep them entertained but make sure to always purchase your tickets directly from the theatre beforehand to avoid counterfeits.

Try your best at ice skating

Somerset House is an 18th-century property that has now become a public space. During the festive period, the central courtyard hosts an ice-skating rink and a 40-foot Christmas tree. On New Year’s Eve, the rink is usually open from 10 am to 4 pm but there is a special event at 7 pm, which includes a DJ, a selection of food and a fantastic view of the fireworks.