I’ve found the ultimate fright night experience for you this spooky season, it’s PrimEvil, and after attending the press night launch, I’ve got the low-down on how to survive this terrifying scare event. Love horror? Want to get your pulse-racing this Halloween? I was invited along to test out the East of England’s top scare attraction as it enters its 13th year. Prepare for 13 nights of terror and twisted fun, including 5 haunts that are not for the faint hearted. You’re still here? Sounds like you might be brave enough to try and take on the ultimate fright night, adrenaline pumping, scream-inducing, get the heart-racing event.

Right now you might be quivering with anticipation, but soon it will be fear coursing through your veins as you fight to survive against zombies, circus acts with murderous intent and many more. Explore The Crypt, Route 666, the Circus of Horror and the Mayhem Manor Hotel, plus the brand new Hell’s Hollow attraction. Expect a night of hysterical, nervous laughter and screams as you try to predict where the next fright will come looming out of the darkness. The question is – would you dare to take on PrimEvil, the ultimate fright night?

How to survive PrimEvil – the ultimate fright night

Put on a spooky playlist

The best way to get into the Halloween spirit, put on a playlist of your favourite spooky anthems for the journey. We blasted them on the way home and sang along but it would definitely help build the anticipation for the fright night ahead.

Get there early for a zombie welcome

PrimEvil is held at ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure which is not far from Norwich. The event is open 6pm, with last entry at 9pm, then all bars, haunts and food vendors close at 11pm. We arrived at 6pm and didn’t leave until nearly 11pm. It’s a full evening and to complete all the haunts and enjoy a drink, you’ll need every last second. Plus if you arrive at 6pm when the park  opens, you get a flaming zombie welcome in the queues which just sets the tone of the night. There’s also lots of entertainment, 100 scare actors throughout the park and new circus street performances provided by Ruby Flames. So there’s plenty to keep you entertained (or petrified) all night long.

Skip the fast passes – the real fun is in the queues

There are fast track and VIP entry passes available which give you extras such as free drinks, unlimited fast-track entry to haunts and other benefits. But I would actually recommend skipping the fast passes and just joining the queues, even if they are a little longer. With 100 scare actors roaming around the grounds, you never know whether you might meet a zombie, the ghost of a prostitute, a demonic circus act or be chased by a guy with a chainsaw. Honestly, it was horrifying and hilarious from start to finish. Check out my Youtube video to see what I mean!

Absolutely Lucy goes to PrimEvil fright night event at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure in Norfolk

Head to The Crypt first

This was a great tip we were given on arrival – we skipped a walkabout and instead headed straight to The Crypt which can get mega-queues later on. We whizzed straight in and barely waited 15 minutes compared to people later in the night who queued for over an hour. It was a great first haunt and really set the tone for the fright night. If you swing by, be sure to say hi to the creepy zombie guy with a severed foot he fondly calls Derek. The Crypt is the height of anticipation and creepy wanderings – don’t forget to hang on to the person in front.

Challenge yourself with some frightful activities

It’s not just haunts at PrimEvil’s scare event, why not get your heart racing with their challenging events – if you’re brave enough. If you have fast track or VIP tickets, the Predator High Ropes are already included, you can also try your hand at Zombie Archery and Axe Throwing for a small fee. It might be your only way to survive this frightful event, particularly when you get chased through the terrifying scare mazes.

Go first – if you dare

Don’t be the scaredy cat who hides at the back of the queue. Haven’t you ever seen a horror film? They’re always the first to be picked off by the murderer. As terrifying as it is to be the sacrificial lamb, putting yourself at the front means that while you’ll be the first to be picked on, you might also stand the best chance of outrunning the evil souls who lurk at PrimEvil. Prepare for sudden shocks, loud noises, disorientating illusions and terrifying shocks and surprises around every corner.

Absolutely Lucy with a scare actor at PrimEvil fright night and top scare attraction in Norfolk

Pick up a spooky cocktail

Need something to calm your nerves? Head to the food & drink vendors at PrimEvil for momentary relief and sustenance as you fight to survive the night. I couldn’t be sure whether the burgers were beef or simply the ground up bodies of the previous night’s victims, so I stuck to the veggie option. Definitely head to Junkyard Cocktails for a syrupy sweet potion that’s sure to put you on high alert. Make sure you fuel up before heading to your next haunt, you’ll need energy to run for your life!

Always check behind you

If you really want to survive this horrifying fright night, make sure to always check over your shoulder. Whether you’re walking through the woods, or heading into a haunt. You never know who might be lurking in the darkness, behind a tree or about to jump out of a painting. I can’t give anything away, but I will say that the biggest scares always come when you least expect it. So don’t let your guard down and keep a watchful eye when exploring PrimEvil.

Finish with Mayhem Manor Hotel

The perfect way to end the night – this one was definitely the scariest and biggest adrenaline rush. I have never seen my boyfriend jump as much as he did while leading the way for our group. Mayhem Manor Hotel is a teeth-chattering, nerve-wracking fright night experience from start to finish. We also had some of the best scares from zombies and psychos while we waited in the queue. Would you dare?

PrimEvil is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit and runs until 31st October. Click to book tickets and find out more.


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