A holiday doesn’t need to be a week relaxing on the beach or fighting the crowds at Disneyland. Indeed, sometimes the best holidays involve little more than getting on your feet and exploring the world by foot. The UK has some of the best walking holidays in the world and is full of gorgeous scenery no matter what time of you year you plan to visit. But these are the three dynamite locations we think any wannabe rambler would find it difficult not to be bowled over by.

The Scottish Highlands

One of national geographics best of the world destinations for 2023, the Scottish Highlands are a bracing location in the winter but during the summer they offer some of the most stunning scenery in Europe. Visit loch ness and get a selfie with the monster, explore the wealth of castles and medieval architecture still left lingering in the hills and, if you’re feeling particularly brave, walk up Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the UK.

The best time to visit the highlands is between May and September when the weather is decent and you’ll have enough daylight to see everything you want to see. The Highland Games also take place around this time so why not fit that into your itinerary?

The Lake District

The Lake District has a reputation for being a little more reserved and relaxed than other famous walking destinations. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Explore Muncaster, the UK’s most haunted castle, Muncaster Castle, experience the home of gingerbread in Grasmere (and take some home for your loved ones) and take a boat out on the gorgeous Lake Buttermere. If you’re so inclined, you could even try a raft of local ales from award-winning breweries or take a leisurely walk from coast to coast!

There are dozens of guided walks and hundreds of resources dedicated to walking in the Lake District. There are even almost 50 routes mapped out specifically for those with mobility issues. If you are a keen skier, meanwhile, ski season is between November and April!

The Cotswolds 

When people that have never been to England picture it, they first picture London and then they picture the Cotswolds. The endless rolling hills and quaint villages that made up the area make it a favoured destination of foreign travellers but it’s also wealthy with potential walking trails. Visit the most beautiful village in England - Arlington Row and explore all the best traditional English tearooms and manor houses. 

You might want to take a car to get around (it’s a surprisingly large region) but we’d recommend simply picking a spot on the map and just getting lost. That’s surely the joy of a walking holiday anyway, right? Just be sure to keep your phone fully charged just in case you end up getting too lost!