UK Travel

When you have a bad case of wanderlust, it’s easy to forget about UK travel and always be planning your next trip to foreign climes. So often it’s so easy to miss what is right on your doorstep, but the UK has so much to offer when it comes to great cities and countryside.

Absolutely Lucy shares her UK travel experiences including her favourite cities and visits to Norwich and Cambridge. You will find plenty on sightseeing in London and even a foodie’s guide to London Bridge for those who want to explore the best food markets, brunch places and fresh coffee.

Explore the Norfolk countryside and North Norfolk beaches as Lucy shares her home and all of the beautiful countryside surrounding it. Visit cute little seaside towns, bustling beachfronts and huge forests for a taste of what UK travel means to Absolutely Lucy.

This UK travel category also includes restaurant reviews, hotel stays, blogging events and much more. If you’re interested in UK festivals, check out the Festivals & Gigs section for previews, reviews and features on the best performances and live music events across the country.