Having the goal of starting a business is great motivation for pursuing a degree. Running your first business, let alone starting one, is not an easy pursuit, and there are plenty of courses available that can improve your chances of success. Whether you’re looking to start your own retail business or one that provides niche services to businesses and other professionals, choosing a good degree to enhance your abilities is extremely useful. To assist you on your journey, we’ve listed four useful degrees that you could consider which will help you start your first business.


This has arguably become the foundation of any great and successful business. As you’ll be aware, marketing is where businesses promote and advertise their products or services to the public, encouraging new demographics to become customers and maintain their current customer base. Marketing is very important for any business, and so having this knowledge and skill as a business owner can give you a great advantage over others. It will allow you to keep tabs on your marketing team and direct it in a way you see fit. 

Business Analytics

The use of data is a key component to running a business effectively, and knowing what data to gather as well as how to analyse it is crucial. Often, a business owner will employ data analysts in certain departments who will collect and study this data, continuously searching for ways to improve your business and its success. However, this process can be confusing to the untrained eye, and so having the knowledge that a business analytics degree can bring will allow you to better understand this data and how said data can benefit your business. It will allow you to better choose what type of data to study and make use of.

Accounting And Finance

Learning about how to properly manage your money is understandably going to be worthwhile for a business owner. Of course, you could make use of a finance manager or accountant for your business, but understanding this as a business owner is going to be very beneficial as it’ll allow you to keep track of your budgets and the overall finances of your company. You could, for example, complete an online short course in sustainable finance at a reputable university, in which you can learn about different sustainable financial systems and use that newly acquired knowledge to create your own sustainable financial plan for continued, positive returns.

HR Management

As a business owner, you have a duty of care for your employees, ensuring that they are as happy and healthy in the workplace as possible. However, being fixated on this will distract you from your other responsibilities as a business owner, and this is why it’s so important to have a great human resources team working with you. This allows you to remain confident that employees are being given the attention they deserve without you having to focus all of your attention on them. Of course, it’s also worthwhile having an HR management degree as a business owner, as you’ll be in a better position to precisely understand what your team needs to perform to the best of their abilities. It will also give you a better idea of what your HR team can do and what resources they require to get the best results.