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Everyone has their own unique way of planning and capturing their travel memories. For some, it’s a classic travel journal, for others it’s collecting fridge magnets, or even postcards on their journey. For me? It’s this blog, my photography and from the very beginning, it’s been hugely important to me that my travel memories were captured and shared in a way that was unique to me. After all, no two people experience travel, or life, the same way, so why should we all share it the same way?

Over the years I’ve kept journals, scrapbooks and photo albums of photographs and things found on my travels. Despite enjoying living a minimalist life and limiting myself to only the essentials – these memories are important to hold on to. Much like the baby books my mum spent hours putting together when I was little, these too will be important memories to look back on in years to come.

Five ways to capture your travel memories

Keep a travel journal

My favourite way to store travel memories is by going old school with a travel journal – you can find some great ones from Paperchase. I’ve never been one for a dear diary moment but there’s something rather lovely about sitting with a notebook and pen on a long journey and scribbling down all those memories. What’s special about it, is not putting together some spectacular prose, but rather making tiny, barely legible notes about the hilarious moments, the people you meet along the way, the name of that random cafe you ended up in when you got lost that day. It’s a stream of consciousness record of all the moments you don’t share with the world, but never want to forget.

Some choose to do this in words, others prefer to sketch or draw a memory. I’ve even met some who like to get those they meet while travelling to write a message, or draw something to contribute to the memories. Think of it like a time capsule of your travels, something to look at in years to come and be instantly transported back to that day. You could even take it a step further and customize your notebook with custom stickers, or create a bucket list using these removable and waterproof travel stickers from StickerYou.

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Customize your luggage

Much like bands will give their drum kit or amps a unique look using stickers collected from gigs. Why not accessorise your suitcase or backpack using custom badges or patches? Always be the first to spot your luggage arriving on the baggage carousel. Ensure even your bags are filled with travel memories. It’s a great way to show off your travels and create a unique backpacker style. If you’re feeling creative, make your own luggage tags, with a custom sticker of your making to stick on the tags.

Start a travel blog

If you want a way to collect your travel memories and share them with friends and family while you’re away, starting a travel blog can be a great way to keep everyone up-to-date with your adventures. By sharing your photos and stories all in one place. Everyone back at home will easily be able to visit the website and find out what you’ve been up to. Whether you’re starting a travel blog to make money. Or you just want a private website for those closest to you. It’s a perfect way to make the most of all those travel pics so they don’t just sit on a memory card somewhere.

Create a vision board

Perhaps you’ve already been travelling and want to create a board to reminisce over travel memories. With photos and all those old tickets and leaflets you’ve collected. Or, you may not have even left the country yet but just want to visualise your goal while saving and working towards it. This is a great way to start a bucket list and to stay focused on saving and planning. You could use customised stickers to make the board special to you. From choosing your favourite destinations, to giving yourself that extra little bit of inspiration and a touch of wanderlust. For those among us who are more visual. It really helps to take a look at a vision board first ting in the morning when you’re tired from working three jobs to save your pennies for travel!

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Fill scrapbooks and photo albums

After your travels, when you’ve got endless memory cards and hard drives filled with travel photos. Your drawers are filled with random leaflets, bus tickets and cards from epic hostels. What are you supposed to do with them all? A great way to store these memories so that they’re not just a mess you want to shove under the bed is to create scrapbooks and photo albums. You could try using Design Bundles scrapbook designs for some extra inspiration. Plus if you’re suffering from the travel blues post-trip, this is a great way to relive all those super fun travel memories and to celebrate them.

For scrapbooking from a great trip, include different icons, flags, or the I heart stickers. Make a variety of different travel icons, flags, and more as a bumper sticker. Stick on mugs, laptops, bedroom doors, notebooks, or stick them on photos after trips! I have so many scrapbooks from my uni days. I’m so glad I took the time to make them special and to stick in all those random wristbands and posters from nights out and festivals. It’s really made my university memories so special to look back on. I plan to do exactly the same for my travel photos. When I’m older and more settled. It will mean so much to be able to look back on these exciting times and travels in my life.

How do you store your travel memories? Do you prefer a notebook and pen or keeping it online?

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