FREE eBook: 50+ Easy Ways to Save up to £10k for Travel


The no-FOMO guide to saving up to £10k for travel without major sacrifice. Simple tips and tricks for living minimally, managing your finances and getting £££ you could be entitled to. Expert advice from a travel blogger who has spent 6+ years on the road. Start saving today with this expert savings guide.


This 20-page FREE ebook was the first of my digital products to launch. Bursting at the seams with expert tips, tricks and advice for saving money for travel. This free ebook offers simple, easy changes you can make today to start putting money aside for your next trip. Even better, it teaches you how to do this without making major sacrifices! It’s the no-FOMO guide to saving money and budgeting your life. Covering everything from the food that you eat, to cutting back on your vices and saving money without even realising you’re doing it. It’s the resource I wish someone had given me when I first decided to go backpacking, and it contains everything I’ve learnt over 6+ years of budget travel.

What’s inside this FREE ebook?

  • Tracking your finances – how to track your outgoings and feel more in control of your spending.
  • Cancelling your memberships – did you know you could be getting ripped off?
  • Looking for saving bonuses – when’s the last time you checked your interest rate?
  • Cutting back on your vices – how to save money without FOMO
  • Selling your unwanted things – where and how to get the best price
  • Going vintage/second-hand – finding ways to live minimally
  • Planning your meals or going BYO – changing your daily habits while still living well

Originally a 40-page ebook – I quickly realised that so many people struggle to find the time to read. So I’ve edited it down to only include the most concise and effective advice to give you maximum value. This FREE ebook teaches you all the skills I have learned over the years. It also includes a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of exactly how much you could be saving by implementing my tips.

It’s easy to tell yourself that you could never afford to travel. I know many of my friends are fascinated by how I can afford to live the way I do. I regularly get messages from followers who question whether I have a sugar daddy or landed a massive inheritance. The truth is – I’m just money savvy and I love to save where possible. Adopting this travel lifestyle meant changing my priorities and that’s one of the greatest skills I have learned. Now I’m passing on the torch and I’m here to tell you that anyone can live their travel dreams.

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