Greece, Spain & Portugal

Greece & Spain are firm favourite for Brits. You can understand why when we have such quick and easy access to beautiful beaches and amazing culture.

My childhood was made up on family holidays to Greece, Spain and Portugal. These were always the happiest times. My whole family has a huge love of Greek and Cypriot culture and food.

Holidays in Greece

Over the years I’ve loved holidays in Santorini, Zakynthos, Crete, Corfu, Kefalonia and many more. Climbing mountains, exploring markets, enjoying boat trips around the coastline and visiting tiny villages overlooking the ocean.

And of course, gorging ourselves on the amazing Greek food, from fresh fish and hummus, to tzatziki, souvlaki and all the delicious wine you can drink.

Spain & Portugal for the beaches

Equally, Spain and Portugal have offered an amazing blend of stunning coastline, gorgeous villages and a rich and vibrant culture. There’s nothing quite like eating tapas and drinking wine in the sunshine in a Spanish city.

If you’re planning a visit soon, why not explore Barcelona, Madrid or Seville? Or Porto was a huge hit with my family, the quaint old streets and trams just won their hearts.

Portugal plans for the future

One of my big goals one day is to travel Portugal by van, park up at the beaches and explore and swim in the ocean by day. It’s a country that seems to have a real untouched vibe and genuinely huge empty beaches where you can truly escape the crowds. That’s a rare find in Europe these days!

Future adventures in Spain

Likewise, I think Spain could be really fun to travel and explore in the countryside. These countries have so much to offer when you just venture outside the city and meet the real locals at the heart of these communities.

As much as everyone loves a city break, for these parts of Europe I can’t recommend enough that you get off the beaten track and stray outside the cities to find the real gems of the country.