Europe is such a delightful back garden. I feel so lucky to have so many amazing places to explore, right on my doorstep. I’ve taken full advantage of it over the years and have spent a lot of time travelling. This has included one month-long solo trip, a month-long road trip. Plus countless city breaks and summer holidays.

Summer holidays in Europe

Some of my happiest summer holidays with the family have been in places like Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Turkey. We’ve loved the rich culture, the amazing weather and of course, the food. Plus we’re a big fan of a boat trip, and each of these have amazing snorkelling trips and beautiful beaches.

European city breaks

I’ve enjoyed so many city breaks over the years and it’s one of my favourite ways to squeeze in a trip even when I have very little time. It’s also a great way to get a taste of a country and decide whether I might like to return for a longer trip in the future. My favourites have included Budapest, Prague, Bucharest and Milan. Click the links to view my blog posts on each location and city guides to help you plan your trip.

Festivals across the EU

I’m a bit of a festival queen so it’s been my pleasure to attend music festivals in both France and Croatia. I went to Garorock Festival in France this summer when I was working with Ryanair and had an amazing time with the gang.

Croatia was one of my first holidays with friends and it was an epic vaycay to Split where we partied at Hideout Festival. Attending the festival was part of my work as editor of This Festival Feeling, an online festival magazine.

Road tripping across Europe

One of my favourite Europe trips had to be when I spent nearly a month road tripping across Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France and Liechtenstein.

It was an amazing journey and so much fun – you can read about my Europe road trip in this blog post.