*This Point A Hotel blog post features a gifted press stay at Point A Hotel Kensington Olympia. All views remain my own.

Planning a visit to London can be an expensive job. But as someone who visits several times a month, it’s so important to me to find new ways to cut back on costs while still enjoying my trips. Whether it’s for work or to visit friends – the same things are important to us all. All we really want is a budget-friendly accommodation that is centrally-located and doesn’t sacrifice too much on comfort. Well I’m super excited to share a fab new brand with you guys today after I enjoyed a press stay at their newest hotel last week.

Point A Hotels market themselves as the best budget hotels across London and Scotland. In fact, they’re so confident that they offer the best service, for the best price and in the best locations that they even offer a best price guarantee. I actually stayed at their Canary Wharf hotel (paid for by myself) the weekend before my gifted press stay at the new Kensington Olympia branch last weekend. It was a great experience to get to see two different hotels and to experience the same high level of service at each. If you’re always looking for a bargain – this could be a great new discovery for your next London trip.

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Luxe living at sleek Point A Hotels, London

Budget-friendly London accommodation with Point A Hotels

When I’m back in the UK, I’m always travelling to and from London for work, events and catching up with friends and family. But it can become expensive very quickly when you’re having to find accommodation as well as paying for transport and activities. This is one of the many reasons I was so impressed with Point A Hotels. Both last weekend and this weekend’s rooms would normally cost around £80-100 for the night. For those on a budget, this is a pretty good price for a night in the city, especially for the quality of the rooms they provide. It means saving your money for what you really want to be spending it on, while still enjoying a comfortable stay.

Top locations across the city

Another huge bonus is that Point A Hotels are scattered across the city in top locations. As I mentioned, I previously stayed in the Canary Wharf hotel, and last weekend I was reviewing the brand new Kensington Olympia hotel. But they also have centrally-located hotels all across London City and Glasgow, plus their brand new Point A Edinburgh which opened just a few months ago. For London stays, you can check out hotels at King’s Cross St Pancras, Paddington, Liverpool Street and Shoreditch for your next trip.

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London hotel stays, review of Point A Hotels

Luxe style and modern hotels

One thing I really loved about Point A Kensington was how chic it was. Sometimes staying in more affordable properties can mean sacrificing the luxe feel, but not at Point A. The Kensington hotel is beautiful both outside and in. While the rooms are compact to allow you a more budget-friendly stay, they remain sleek and elegant, with a modern touch thanks to the mood lighting. Whether you’re a solo traveller, or a couple on a budget, Point A have the perfect balance of comfort and modest pricing.

Welcoming staff, free wifi and a best price guarantee

There’s one thing that really takes a hotel to the next level, and for me, that’s the service. It doesn’t matter if I’m paying £80 or £800 for a night. As a paying customer, you deserve to be welcomed and treated well. I couldn’t fault the service at either Point A Hotel.

Both members of staff welcomed me with a smile as I walked in the door. They were eager to help by offering a coffee, explaining the hotel layout or even guiding me to the nearest tube station. Not only this, but they took the time to chat and ask for feedback which I think is so important. It really shows the team are working hard to make sure everyone enjoys their stay, and to feel valued as a customer.

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Point A Hotel Kensington review by Absolutely Lucy

If Point A Hotels sound like the perfect accommodation for you, why not book to stay for your next London visit?

Have you stayed at a Point A Hotel? What’s your budget hotel of choice when you visit London?

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*This travel sustainably blog post is in collaboration with Opodo

Sustainability – it’s the word on everybody’s lips these day. But have you considered whether your summer holiday is helping your carbon footprint? It’s one of the hardest challenges to try and make sure you travel sustainably when everything in the industry seems to be working against you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling to Johannesburg, Copenhagen or Ibiza, we all have a duty to do our best. As someone who has been travelling for the last five years, I’ve found some small ways that can really help reduce your impact on the environment and the local cultures of the places you visit. After all, as travellers, it’s not our job to leave our mark on the places we visit. Rather they should be leaving their mark on our hearts. Click here for further information on responsible tourism.

Absolutely Lucy with hay bale, Norfolk, travel sustainably

9 ways to reduce your impact and travel sustainably

Don’t engage in animal tourism

In the five years since I first volunteered at an elephant sanctuary, huge political waves have been made as a result of tourists voting with their wallets. You may think choosing not to have a photo with a chained monkey on the street, or riding an elephant won’t change the world. But it does, now the Thai elephant industry has changed to focus on sanctuaries that protect the elephants thanks to tourists. It’s not perfect yet, but huge changes result from the decisions you make.

Buy sustainable products

Something we all have the power to do on a daily basis. This covers everything from toiletries and clothing, to food. Start taking responsibility and choose sustainable and even vegan products which have less of an impact. Not only will you be changing your individual impact but you could help push the industry towards more sustainable living.

Booking eco-friendly accommodation

This could mean staying in a self-sustainable property which uses renewable energy such as solar and wind power, and grows it’s own food. It could also mean skipping the luxury hotels and choosing to support local businesses or even staying at a homestay. Don’t choose Airbnb, instead go and stay with the local people to get a real understanding of the community and to support them individually. You can also find lots of community ventures such as restaurants run by the homeless.

Packing biodegradable sunscreen

So many don’t realise that sunscreen washes off your skin in the ocean and the chemicals in it can be extremely harmful to animals and coral reefs. Apparently around 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen wash into the ocean each year and this can lead to coral bleaching. Choose a biodegradable sunscreen from Holland and Barrett, or choose great brands including Green People, Soleil Toujours, COOLA, Ren and Caudalie.

Using public transport

My favourite one! Stop taking Ubers, stop flying everywhere, stop driving as much. It’s so simple when so many countries have fantastic public transport networks. Plus travelling on public transport abroad is much cheaper, it’s usually pretty quick and it’s part of the experience! If you do fly, why not offset your carbon emissions?

Absolutely Lucy hay bale, Norfolk, UK

Respecting local cultures

This covers so many different things but the most important thing is taking a step back and appreciating the new culture, without trying to force Western culture on them. This includes dressing appropriately, behaving modestly and conforming to local customs.

Travelling to lesser-known destinations

This works for both sides – you get to go off the beaten track and explore somewhere untouched. And tourism will benefit in the area from the money you spend, while easing the pressure in more popular countries. Plus you’ll usually find these countries are significantly cheaper to travel.

Combining multiple trips

A great way to save money and your carbon footprint. Why travel home and use another flight when you can stay longer and travel by bus or train to the next destination? I’m a big advocate for slow travel and this is the best way to really save money and the planet, plus to really absorb culture.

Preserving water

Water is such a precious resource and travelling makes you so much more aware of how many don’t have access to it in the way we do. Treasure it, don’t waste it. Be respectful and grateful for what you have, and what others’ don’t.


How do you try to reduce your carbon footprint? What is your best tip for those trying to travel sustainably?

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*This multi-centre trip blog post is a collaboration with Opodo

The travel industry has changed a lot in the last 10 years, no longer do people want the standard package deals to stay at one hotel for two weeks every summer. Instead travellers are becoming more and more adventurous. They want excitement, they want to explore the world and see as much as possible. Whether that means throwing themselves into deepest Africa, exploring South America, or parts of Asia. But even when travelling short-haul to Europe, more travellers than ever are choosing multi-centre holidays. Instead of staying in one place, they prefer to visit several locations like when I combined Berlin, Budapest and Amsterdam in one trip. But why should you consider this for your next trip?

5 reasons to choose Europe for a multi-centre trip

You get to see so much more in less time

This is so important to those looking to make the most of their precious holiday time. We all just want to maximise our holidays, so why not do this by actually visiting more places and ticking them off your bucket list? There’s so many amazing historical sites across Europe, it seems a shame to stick to just one location! Instead why not spread your trip across various cities and visit more amazing places? Click here to find out more about Europe’s historical sites.

It’s cheaper

Instead of taking lots of smaller trips and having to pay for flights home each time – why not see if you can take a longer break? This way you can cram a lot more places into your trip and it will actually work out much cheaper overall than flying home each time.

It makes historical sense

If you’re a bit of a history buff – it could actually be fascinating to see different locations according to their history. For instance, why not visit Germany and stop in various places like Berlin, Munich and Hamburg in order to learn about their history surrounding the world wars? Or head to Malta and explore historical sights across Valetta and then venture over to Gozo and Comino?

It’s so diverse

Europe has so much to offer and each country is as different as the next. By simply boarding a short flight, you
could be enjoying Budapest’s famed ruin bars one night, and exploring the world’s oldest stone structures in Malta by lunchtime the next day. Don’t stop at just one country when you could tick off a few favourites.

There are so many ways to do it

You don’t just have to hop on a plane. You could combine locations in a multi-centre tour by taking the train, enjoying a cruise or even driving yourself. It’s a great way to see more of the country than just the city. You could even try daily private car hire or chauffeur to take you between destinations – plan your own itinerary with European Transfers and travel Europe. Available across most European countries, the company offers an English-speaking driver and spotless vehicles, giving you both freedom and comfort.

Have you ever had a multi-centre trip to Europe? Where would you like to go if you planned a multi-centre trip?

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Solo travel is one of my favourite topics and I love that this blog has inspired so many of you to try it over the years. If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll know I’ve spent the last five years solo travelling around the globe, including two longer trips around Europe. I’ve had a lot of questions over how to plan to solo travel Europe and I wanted to answer them all in one post. If you’ve always wanted to solo travel but have been put off by the idea that you have to travel far away from home, or spend a fortune to do it – read on.

One of my biggest goals with this travel blog is to make adventure travel more accessible and affordable for you guys. To inspire you to feel ready to travel to the countries I visit, to feel safe doing so and to feel confident that solo travel isn’t as scary as you first thought. Whether you want to travel solo, or with friends, this post will help guide you through how to plan transport, meet new people, feel safe abroad and to look stylish while doing it. I’m actually heading on my next European trip next week and can’t wait to take you guys, and my Wombat Leather hat along!

More on Wombat Leather

I’m working with Wombat Leather on this post and I love their street smart fashion inspired by adventure. After spending two years living down under, their Australian-inspired brand caught my eye with their fashionable outdoor clothing. While staying stylish, their artisanal products, including their fab leather hats remain durable and weather resistant which is perfect for accompanying me on all my adventures. As I’ve said before, I like clothing that can keep up with my lifestyle and Wombat Leather’s products are definitely made for those with a love of nature and the outdoors. 

Absolutely Lucy in the woods on log, Norfolk, UK

Why you should solo travel Europe:

For those from the UK, Europe is the most accessible part of the world to plan a long-term trip. For those who find Asia or South America intimidating, or Australia too far, it’s a perfect option. You don’t have to stray far from home or spend 14 hours on a flight to find some incredible places and a culture that will push you out of your comfort zone. From the volcanic landscapes of Scandinavia, to untouched countryside in Eastern Europe, to the stunning coastline of southern Europe, and of course the mountains in-between. There’s something to suit every type of traveller. Even better, with just a few hours of plane, bus or train travel from one part of Europe to another, it couldn’t be easier.

First-time solo travel in Europe

For a first-time solo traveller, it’s a perfect compromise between getting to see the world, but starting with baby steps. There’s less of a language barrier which means you’re less likely to feel alone, and more likely to meet some great friends along the way. While the spicy food might scare some out of travelling Asia, who couldn’t love real Italian food, Greek mezze and French patisseries? There’s so much variety, and if one country isn’t your cup of tea, it’s easy to hop on a bus and a few hours later be exploring a completely new place. Even for those more experienced travellers, Europe provides such a great melting pot of different cultures and landscapes. You’re sure to find a place that captures your heart.

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Absolutely Lucy at Sandringham, Norfolk, UK, solo travel europe

How to solo travel Europe?


There are so many different ways to travel solo in Europe – it’s all about finding the one to suit your timeframe and your budget. For shorter weekend trips or summer holidays, I’ve always chosen budget flights with brands like Ryanair or Easyjet. Both are super cheap and fairly reliable, plus they fly to pretty much anywhere in Europe. For longer trips where I’m flexible on time, I’ve plumped the train or bus as a way to move between countries. I really recommend Flixbus for cheap coach travel, I used them between Slovenia and Berlin and it was such a great way to travel. For those planning a month-long trip or longer, perhaps consider either Interrail or buying/hiring a van to drive around Europe and camp.

How long do I need?

The wonderful thing about Europe being right on your doorstep is that it can easily fit into any length of time you have to spare. You don’t have to quit your job and fly to the other side of the world. It fits neatly into a weekend away, a holiday from work, or if you can take a month-longer on sabbatical. Over the years, I’ve taken a lot of shorter weekend trips over to France, Italy and Belgium, and I’ve taken two week long summer holidays to Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. But I’ve also spent a month travelling around Europe on two separate occasions which have also been amazing experiences. I would really recommend taking any time you can and choosing a trip that will fit with your timeframe.

Absolutely Lucy smiles in forest with Wombat Leather, Sandringham, Norfolk

Where to go?

The biggest question of all and there are so many answers. For those who are unsure of where might appeal to them the most, I’ve put together some small itineraries below that might suit different interests. These are just a guide, you can of course add places or remove some if you’ve already been. I would also recommend keeping your plans flexible if you’re doing a longer trip as you may find you hear about awesome places from other travellers along the way.

City hopping

Some of my favourite European cities include Budapest, Prague, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam. But why stop there? You could easily city-hop your way around Europe and wake up in a new place every few days. Check out Porto and Lisbon, or Bucharest, Athens or even Bratislava.

Beach bum

If you love the ocean, there’s no doubt you’ll be wanting to visit Greece and Italy’s Amalfi Coast for crystal clear water and stunning coastline. But why not get away from the crowds and head to Portugal for surf and lazy beach days?

Shopping and luxury style

For those who love a touch of elegance and class to their trips, why not head for some of the more glamorous parts of Europe. Why not try a long weekend in Milan, pop over to Lake Como or Venice? Pop over to Paris for the weekend by using the Eurostar, or even Zurich for luxury shopping.

Eastern European route

Often forgotten about in favour of more well-known countries, Eastern Europe is a perfect place to get away and find some untouched landscapes. Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic are absolutely stunning and a lot less busy than nearby cousins like Croatia. However, If the picturesque coastlines of Croatia are what captivate you the most, exploring the country by sea could be an unforgettable experience. For solo female travellers looking to immerse themselves in Croatia’s splendour, sailing along the Adriatic can be an enriching and empowering experience. The journey along the Dalmatian coast, whether on a small, intimate vessel or by taking luxury coastal cruises in Croatia, offers a unique blend of freedom, comfort, and adventure. It’s an opportunity to navigate the crystal-clear waters at your own pace, discover secluded beaches, and connect with the local culture and cuisine in a setting that’s both safe and sociable. This approach to travel not only enhances the beauty of the landscapes but also fosters a sense of independence and camaraderie among fellow adventurers.If you have even more time to explore, why not head south towards Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania for views that will blow your mind.

Scandinavia for the summer

A trip I would love to one day experience. Why not head up north via Denmark and then spend the rest of the summer free camping and exploring the countryside of Norway, Finland and Sweden? It’s free to camp wherever you like and the landscape is breathtaking. Plus it’s a good place to get off the beaten track and avoid the crowds.

Road tripping

This is such a fun way to travel Europe and I really recommend picking a rough area to explore. When I travelled Europe by van, I started in Germany, went to Prague and drove through the Czech Republic, headed down to Austria and visited Vienna and Salzburg. After stopping in Munich, I headed to the mountains and through Liechtenstein, before driving to Switzerland. The final days were spent driving up through France, the Black Forest in Germany and home. It was an epic road trip and one I really recommend, we managed it in 3-4 weeks.

Travel solo Europe, Absolutely Lucy in Wombat Leather hat

Safety while travelling solo in Europe:

Always the biggest topic when it comes to travelling solo and particularly as a woman. Safety should always be your number one priority. However, you should never let safety concerns prevent you from travelling. Particularly as most safety warnings come from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to make you feel like the world is a dangerous place. People aren’t actually out to con you and steal from you, to assault you or take advantage. Hun, trust me, I’ve spent five years travelling the world solo and the worst thing that has happened is a car crash.

Travel blogger real talk on safety

I know more people who have been mugged in London than anywhere else in the world, more women who have been sexually assaulted on a night out in a UK club on a weekly basis than have been harmed abroad. The truth is, as long as you keep your wits about you, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and stay focused and alert, you’re going to be fine.

Travel safety is no different to safety at home – and if you’re a woman I’m sure you’re already well-versed. One of my biggest tips that goes against what we’ve been taught all our lives – talk to strangers! It sounds strange, but growing up we are taught not to trust anyone. Actually most of the people in this world are kind and genuine and just want to help you. By talking to complete strangers your instincts become stronger and clearer, and you are less likely to end up in dangerous situations.

More top tips for solo travel safety:

Absolutely Lucy follow me into the woods, Sandringham, Norfolk

How to meet people when you solo travel in Europe:

One of the biggest questions I get asked about travelling solo – don’t you get lonely? And the truth is, no. I’m constantly surrounded by people. If anything, travelling solo opens you up even more to making new friends on the road. It makes you vulnerable, and what do vulnerable people do? We either grow bolder and stronger, or we cling to others who appear so. Either way, travelling solo helps bring people together because you’re not the only one who’s alone. So many people travel solo and they’re all just looking for a friend to share the experience with. So why not be that friend?

Here are my top 5 tips for meeting people when travelling solo:

  1. Make the first move – Making friends as an adult is kind of like dating. No-one wants to make the first move, but someone has to. Be brave and extend the hand of friendship, ask someone to grab a beer or take a walking tour with you. They’ll be so happy someone asked them and I’ve never had anyone turn me down yet.
  2. Smile – iI’s so simple but has such a huge impact on the people around you. People are so much more likely to approach you if you smile and appear welcoming.
  3. Seek a social atmosphere – Stay in a hostel with a bar where you can meet people. Or sign up for group activities like walking tours. Put yourself out there and see how easily you make friends.
  4. Join Facebook groups for travellers – This is a fab one I’ve used all over the world. Loads of my friends have come from solo female Facebook groups after I’ve asked a local to show me around their city. Or just ask if anyone fancies getting a coffee.
  5. Say yes to everything – If you’re a real introvert who finds it hard to make friends or put yourself out there. Why not set yourself the challenge of saying yes to everything? (within reason!) It’s such a fun way to push you out of your comfort zone and you never know what adventures you might have!

Absolutely Lucy lost in the woods, Sandringham, Norfolk, travel solo Europe post

I don’t know about you guys but this post has got me excited for my next trip! I’m heading to a country I’ve always wanted to visit next week and I’ll be styling up my outfits with my new Wombat Leather hat. Don’t forget to check out their website for the full range of leather bags, hats and and belts for all your travel style needs. Whether you’re travelling solo or with friends, don’t be afraid to solo travel Europe. Let this guide give you the confidence to see the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Where would you love to visit in Europe? Have you got any recommendations for places to visit in Europe?

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Now I’m going to be honest – an escape room was never my idea of fun. I’ve never had a brain for puzzles and the idea of being locked in a small, dark room is my worst nightmare. But, claustrophobia aside, today I want to talk about how I became a recent convert thanks to Handmade Mysteries [gifted experience]. They invited me along to try my luck at one of their many escape rooms across the country. So, I grabbed my mates and headed to London for an afternoon of riddles designed to test our ingenuity and teamwork. I couldn’t wait to see if we would make it out within the hour!

Review: Lady Chastity’s Revenge – The Hope, Farringdon, London

Spoiler alert: We won! I was so proud of our little team for managing to solve all the clues and escape with our prize within 55 minutes, just five minutes shy of the cut-off.

I won’t give too much away but I couldn’t resist choosing the game that centred around wine and a rather cheeky storyline. Cue a lot of laughs, a lot of frantic shouting, running around a dark room and solving clues. It was a great little venue for the game, we stocked up on a drink before we entered the games room upstairs. Our challenge was to join in the immersive game experience and attempt to win Chastity’s fabled aphrodisiac wine. If you ask me, any game that comes with a prize of wine, is a game that I’ll enjoy.

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Winners at Handmade Mysteries escape room, Lady Chastity's Reserve

8 reasons why you should try an escape room

Escape rooms are fun!

The most important one! I don’t know about you guys but I’m always looking for fun activities to do with my mates and love coming up with something new to try. This was definitely different for us and was such a fun way to spend the afternoon.

The challenge

There’s nothing quite like working the old grey matter and escape rooms are a great way to test your cognitive abilities. After all, your brain needs exercise just as much as your body, so think of escape rooms as a gym for the brain. They help you to think outside the box and look at problems in a different way, getting creative with your methods for solving them.


It was great to be pushed out of our comfort zones and the escape room was a fantastic way to test our abilities and teamwork. For a group that has known each other for over a decade, it was the first time we’d ever tested ourselves in this way. I’m proud to say everyone in the team pulled their weight and played a big part in us solving the clues, but you never really know what people are capable of until you try!

Perfect for a celebration

Whether it’s a birthday or even a staff party – escape rooms make the perfect activity for all. Handmade Mysteries are a great one for those who like a drink, we grabbed a pint before starting the challenge upstairs in the pub. Or, if you want a specially-themed escape room to suit your gang, there’s plenty to choose from. And the best thing is because they’re only an hour-long and in central areas, they provide the perfect start to a big day out with your mates.

Choose the theme for you

There are so many different escape rooms to choose from – whatever your interests might be, there’s sure to be an escape room to puzzle you. Pick one with a storyline for a more immersive experience, or go for a classic challenge to escape by solving practical games/puzzles. Do your research and find one that inspires your brain.

Get lost in your character

Indulge your theatrical side by immersing yourself in the characters of your escape room as we did in the cheeky Victorian theme of Lady Chastity’s Reserve. Shoutout to Izzy who was our Handmade Mysteries host and definitely got us in the mood to win! It’s a great bit of escapism to lose yourself in another character for the day, lose yourself!

Suitable for the whole family

While Handmade Mysteries are only suitable for 18+ groups due to them being hosted mostly at pubs, there are many other escape rooms to choose from. If you’ve got children, it could be a great way to keep them entertained during the summer holidays. Why not choose one that will bring the whole family together?

Get away from the screen

Spend too much time staring at your phone or laptop? Get out and experience a real-life video game by stepping into an escape room. Who needs a screen when you can live the game and bring your mates along for the laughs?

Prize at Handmade Mysteries for Lady Chastity's Reserve

Book an escape room with Handmade Mysteries

These twisted escape rooms are available all across London and Brighton and provide a handmade escape into an alternate universe. Cue hilarious clue solving, colourful characters and immersive storylines that are sure to get you guessing. These fun-fuelled races against the clock aren’t just reserved for dark rooms. They take place across the city with a selection of game experiences. Designed to test every mind with clues, comedy and immersive theatre.

Handmade Mysteries offer three different games at a variety of locations across the country:

All of these games are available at various locations across London and Brighton, with many taking place at pubs. If you would like to book an escape room, follow the link and choose your game to pick the location for you.

Have you been to an escape room – which one would you recommend?

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*This dog sitting jobs post is a collaboration with Doggy Dream Team

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I’ve gone gooey over my sister’s new puppy, Mustard the sausage dog (follow: @mustardthesausage). But let’s be honest, my love of dogs predates Mustard by many years. However, one thing I had never thought of was combining my love of dogs with my love of travel. It turns out dog sitting jobs are a great way to travel the world in style, while sticking to your budget. If you’re sick of hostels and lumpy bunkbeds, it could be a perfect way to enjoy a bit of luxury while getting to look after your new furry friends.

How can I get dog sitting jobs?

If this sounds too good to be true, perhaps house and pet sitting could be a great option for you. Along with WWOOFING and house exchanges, it’s a great way to save on accommodation costs when you travel. Not only do you get to stay all over the world for free, but you can look after adorable pets while you do it. Trusted Housesitters offers an annual membership for you to find pet sitting jobs near you, and all over the world. You can put your home and pet on there for those searching for jobs, or you can browse the full range of dog sitting jobs to find the right one for you. Bringing thousands of pet lovers together, the global community has helped pair countless pets with sitters in exchange for a place to stay.

Lucy with Mustard the sausage dog, talking about dog sitting jobs abroad

What is it like to take dog sitting jobs?

Daryl Cygler of Doggy Dream Team first discovered dog sitting after reading an article about a couple who were staying in luxury accommodation, a villa all to themselves in Thailand. Instead of just house sitting, the couple were dog sitting and the luxury villa just happened to come with the job.

He said: “The more I looked into it the more I discovered great places with great accommodation to match. Don’t get me wrong, the focus is clearly on the pets but when you get friendly pets in a lovely house in a great location it just seems to good to be true. Oh and did I mention it was free?

“Now I’m getting a little older and still love to travel – the days of bunk beds in hostel dorms are well and truly over. That is why this presented a great opportunity to enjoy a higher level of accommodation whilst being immersed in local communities. Not only is it completely free, but the trade is your time as a pet-sitter for their accommodation and services. It is a great win–win service for all involved.”

Pet sitting jobs abroad

Would I try pet sitting abroad?

Absolutely! This sounds like a fantastic way to combine having a pet without all of the commitment. For travellers – it’s the best of both worlds! You get to spend a week cuddling a cute dog or cat, get to stay in amazing places for free, and don’t have to spend any more than your annual membership. For those who want a break from hostel life, or just fancy staying somewhere a bit upmarket without splashing the cash, pet sitting or house sitting could save you a fortune. We all know that so much of what makes our travel experiences special are those we share them with, so imagine sharing them with the cutest furry friends you can find. For more cute doggy pics, check out this post.

Have you tried dog sitting jobs abroad? Would you try pet sitting or house sitting?

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