It can be pretty difficult to come up with the perfect Christmas gift ideas, but even more so when the person you want to spoil lives out of a suitcase. When your life is reduced to baggage allowance, you’re forced to give up a life filed with material possessions and instead focus on experiences. It’s a beautiful way to live your life, focusing on what is really important, but that’s also why female travelers are some of the people it is hardest to buy for. If you want to treat that special friend or loved one in your life, you need to take a step back and look at she really values. Don’t get distracted by shiny rubbish or fast fashion, instead take inspiration from her sustainable life choices and choose a Christmas gift she will treasure and use all the time. Here are my gift ideas for the female traveler in your life – if she’s anything like me, she’ll love these thoughtful presents.

Christmas gift ideas for the female traveler in your life

An experience to remember

This is one of my favourite gifts to give – the gift of creating beautiful memories together. I always love getting people experience gifts, and I love receiving them too. It’s always such a great way to surprise people, whether it’s with tickets to a gig or dining out at a favourite restaurant. Another great idea is to plan a day trip for the two of you, after all, if she’s traveling a lot of the time, it’s a great way to make time to really catch up. I love taking my mum or my besties out for afternoon tea or cocktails and an afternoon of chatting about all the things we’ve missed. If you have a bigger budget to work with, why not go all out and book a surprise trip for the two of you? It could be a great way to share an experience to remember, and to share her traveling experiences. Struggling for ideas? You could look on Red Letter Days or Groupon for ideas and deals.Absolutely Lucy Christmas

A gadget to make her life easier

Us traveling gals love anything that makes our lives easier and our bags lighter. Why not give her a really useful gift that she’ll use all the time, and every time she picks it up, she’ll think of you and smile. It could be anything from noise-cancelling headphones to help her sleep on the plane, to an iPod or MP3 filled with all her favourite songs, to a Kindle filled with new books to keep her entertained on long travel days. Don’t have much money? You could go for a thoughtful Christmas gift and create a memory stick filled with movies, music and more to keep her entertained on long journeys. Flush with cash? Why not splash out on a iPad or somewhere she can store all of her travel photos and edit them, or a new camera for capturing every moment? I really recommend the Olympus Pen – not only is it travel-sized but it takes DSLR-quality pics, I never leave home without it!

A scent filled with memories

If you really want to spoil her and show how thoughtful you can be, why not purchase a luxury fragrance for her? I always make space in my suitcase for perfume and it’s a great way to transport her back to her travels even when she’s at home. Pay attention to her travel stories and listen out for a place that has really meant a lot to her, a place that has touched her heart. For me, it’s Thailand and the scent of frangipani and jasmine and spices mixed with coconut. You could have a perfume mixed especially for her, with all her favourite scent memories and amaze her with your Christmas gift buying prowess. Small budget? Look for a fragrance that already has some of her favourite scents in it and buy her that one. For those with a bit more money to spend, look for luxury perfumes for women for a special fragrance that will make her feel like she’s just stepped off the plane on her latest adventure.Absolutely Lucy Christmas escape

Functional and long-lasting fashion

When your wardrobe is as big as your suitcase, you’re very limited and cut-throat on what takes up your baggage allowance. Female travelers are much more likely to invest in useful clothing items they know will last them for years to avoid wasting money on replacing items when they wear out. Clothes want to be stylish, but also functional and easy to style in a range of looks. Think a great pair of sandals or walking shoes depending on whether she’s more of an active or luxury traveler. Think of her comfort, long bus rides and fights can get draughty with chilly air conditioning, why not pick her up a cashmere scarf or jumper to throw on? If she’s quite the active and practical gal, you could find her a good travel jacket with plenty of pockets, or a bag that will do the job for a carry-on. There are so many great options, but it all comes down to her personal style.

Flights, to bring you together

This is such a great gift, instead of giving a thing, why not use that money to book flights to spend time together? Whether that means paying for her to fly home and visit family and friends, or you buying a flight out to visit her in her latest home. My sister and I are doing this for Christmas, I’m spending her Christmas gift money on buying a flight to go and visit her at home, while she books flights to come and visit me in Hamburg. With other friends, I have plans to buy flights to meet them halfway and explore a new place together as a mutual gift this year.

Absolutely Lucy Christmas Gift ideas

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that special gal in your life, I hope these ideas help! Now is the time to get shopping and beat the festive rush to find something to show the female traveler in your life how much you love, and value her friendship this Christmas.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Do you prefer experiences or things as gifts? What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

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