Have you always dreamt of travelling the world? Fantasise about quitting your job and running away to paradise? I was just like you, always wishing I was exploring far away lands.

But travel only starts becoming a reality when you take that first leap. Whether you want to explore the world full time. Or you need to find ways to make your trips fit in with your lifestyle. Absolutely Lucy is the blog for you!

Stop waiting to travel

Stop wishing your life away. Don’t wait to travel. Realise that you can afford it now. It just takes adjusting your lifestyle and your thinking. Check out this section of the blog for everything on travel. From destination guides and solo female travel, to travel and money trips and even vanlife!

Let this be the year you take charge of your wanderlust. And let Absolutely Lucy be the resource to help you find ways to make your trips fit in with your budget, and your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you work full time or whether you’re working multiple jobs. It’s time to start prioritising your travel dreams.

Explore Europe, Asia or Australia

Whether your travel dreams take you to Europe – to Italy, Switzerland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Or further afield to Asia and countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia. I have so many amazing adventures to share, and top tips for every location. It’s so much more than just ticking places off your bucket list. It’s about a feeling, an experience.

One thing you’ll find from this blog is that I share real, raw, honest tales of backpacking. The good, the bad and the ugly. Check back for full insights into the life of a woman who has been exploring the world solo for over five years. Visiting nearly 40 countries on six continents.