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  • Highly Commended in Travel, UK Blog Awards 2016
  • Shortlisted in Travel, UK Blog Awards 2017


Press & Media



  • Travel essentials to pack in a carry-on this summer according to experts, Retail Me Not, 2018
  • Ultimate travel destinations: top picks from travel bloggers, The LuxPad, 2016

Guest Posts

  • Why Bali Could Be The Perfect Destination For You,, 2018
  • Top five places to escape to nature around Melbourne, Remember the Wild, 2018
  • How blogging and social media has changed my life, UK Blog Awards, 2015
  • How blogging helped build my career, KettleMag, 2015
  • Europe takes on the uk in the quest for the best festivals, Rhythm Travels, 2014


  • Luxurious Thailand resort fit for a king, print article published by Iliffe Media, Lynn News, 2018

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