jumperI’m so happy that I managed to regain my love of Christmas after spending my teenage years working at a card shop almost destroyed it. Trust me, unpacking Christmas card deliveries in August and being forced to listen to the same Christmas songs on repeat for months before the big day can do that to a girl. But it’s okay, after a few years away from life in retail, I can safely say my love of the festive season has returned and is in full force as I count down to December 25. I actually had a couple of days off last week which were spent in my Christmas jumper with the Christmas music blaring as I made mince pies and decorated the Christmas tree – perfect! So now I am firmly in Christmas-mode and ready for the big day – although I haven’t actually done much Christmas shopping yet – eeek I better get a move on! Each year, there are certain things that make Christmas complete for me – around these the rest of the details change each year, but without these it isn’t a proper one.

So what are the 10 moments that define Christmas for me?

  1. Hearing the *holidays are coming* music and *gasp* that John Lewis advert
  2. The first mince pie of the season – oh holy cow that one is the best
  3. The day spent with my dad decorating the tree and the rest of the house, with the Christmas songs on full blast and the pair of us singing along
  4. Christmas shopping when the town is glittering with Christmas lights – so pretty!
  5. Baking up Christmas goodies with my mum – mainly more mince pies and Christmas cake, plus mini quiches and sausage rolls – yum!
  6. Spending Christmas Eve in the pub with friends and lots of laughter
  7. A brisk winter walk on Christmas morning with the family, seeing the Royals
  8. Decorating the table for Christmas dinner and pulling crackers while we eat
  9. Spending the night watching Christmas TV and acting like The Royle Family
  10. The traditional Mauritian Boxing Day curry my dad always cooks – so good!

cute pies

All of these moments, and many more, define the Christmas season for me. They are the precious memories I hold close to my heart and the things I look forward to each year. But what ties them all together? They all have one thing in common – family and friends – the ones you talk about those adorable adverts with, the ones you spend time with wrapping presents, eating food and shouting at the TV with… Christmas is all about the ones you love and I think it is so easy for people to get caught up in spending loads, or focusing on their own Christmas list a little too much. Christmas is a time for giving and spending time with people – I for one really look forward to catching up with friends and cosy winter nights with the family. I’ve seen so many articles and blog posts that focus on gift guides and shopping ideas, so many tweets about whatever item people are lusting over and would like Santa to leave behind this year… it just seems to miss the point a little bit! Yes gifts are great, but what about focusing on what the season is really about? Having that time off work to spend time with those special people in your life. I know that’s what I’m looking forward to the most this Christmas.

tree 2

What moments define Christmas for you? What are you looking forward to?

Ab Lucy sign off