glamping.jpgNine months ago I first posted on my lifestyle blog. I was inspired to start blogging after discovering loads of incredible bloggers who spent their free time documenting and sharing their lives with readers who in turn became friends. What an honour I thought that must be, to not only get to share your life, your likes and dislikes, but to actually have a group of people who want to read more. I was already working as a journalist and editor, but it was those who started blogging and used it as a jumping point to forge a whole career in copy writing and content creating, who really inspired me. After making that first leap, I have never looked back and I have never been happier that I made that decision especially if it means having a record of my twenties that I can look back on in years to come.

“If being a lifestyle blogger means relaxing with a glass of wine in the sunshine, count me in!”

262031_10150712607870112_5476545_n.jpgSo what is it that I love the most about lifestyle blogging? The clue is in the name – lifestyle! I simply adore the fact that lifestyle blogging requires you to have a life, something I really didn’t want to sacrifice in exchange for spending hours perfecting fashion photos and trialling beauty treatments. Much as I love fashion and beauty blogs, they must take so much dedication and time away from actually living.



I have always been the type of person who throws themselves into living every moment – no matter how poor or how tired I am. Life is something we only get the one shot at and I intend to enjoy every second. In lifestyle blogging, I was happy to find a whole community of writers who felt the same and were as keen as I was to to save each memory in a special place where it could live forever. Lifestyle bloggers are passionate about living and this is what inspires me to keep writing.

So here are my top reasons why I love lifestyle bloggers and having a lifestyle blog:

  1. SURPRISE! I love that with lifestyle bloggers you never know what their next post will be about. While beauty and fashion bloggers focus on those topics, lifestyle bloggers are so varied and I personally like to keep my posts as random and varied as possible. I think it is great when you read one post on crafts then scroll down to find another on food or travel – it really helps give a whole picture of the writer’s life.
  2. REVIEWS! Forget reviews in big magazines or on websites from faceless corporations, I know for a fact how much advertising and “special favours” influence these. I like to read balanced and fair reviews from real women who have trialled the products in everyday life and share similar tastes to me.
  3. FOOD! I can’t stand it when people are funny about food or are constantly watching their weight and refuse to eat delicious foods or in fabulous restaurants. I LOVE that lifestyle bloggers talk about and really enjoy food completely unashamedly. Too many people are apologetic about the food they eat, but lifestyle bloggers seem to have a much healthier attitude towards it. Whether they are sharing recipes and food they cooked themselves, or they are trying something new at a restaurant – I love to read about it and see pictures.
  4. TEACH! I have learnt so much from other lifestyle bloggers over the last few months whether it is from reading expert posts on a particular topic or from reading about their own mistakes. It is all so valuable to up-and-coming bloggers and other readers. I have found in particular that blog posts about blogging are so helpful when you are just starting out.
  5. WORK! So many lifestyle bloggers are working in industries that I am aiming towards, have created their own freelance companies or have even turned blogging into a career. These are women who think outside the box and who have worked hard to reach this point and that is truly inspiring. Even the ones who are working jobs they hate have goals and work hard on their blogs. This is a work ethic worth admiring and it helps drive readers forward to achieve their own goals.
  6. INSPIRE! Reading about hardships can be emotional if you have experienced the same, but it can also be extremely freeing and empowering for the reader. I have seen several bloggers writing about topics from bullying and dealing with serious skin problems, to the loss of a loved one and accepting you have only months to live. Such hard topics, but you can learn so much from these bloggers whether you have personal experience of the subject or not.

I’d love to know what inspires you and keeps you reading lifestyle blogs – why not share below?

*This was originally a guest post – click here to see the original.