Review - Cookie’s Crab Shop

Cookie’s Crab Shop is the perfect place to tempt yourself with delicious fresh seafood. Hidden in the countryside bordering the North Norfolk coast, in a tiny village called Salthouse, it’s the perfect place to try some tasty local seafood. Last weekend’s sunshine-filled days were the perfect opportunity to try it out, accompanied by my parents and boyfriend, we headed out to the coast specifically to try the shellfish at this restaurant after a mention of Cookie’s Crab Shop the Sunday Times magazine. Easy to find, and cute as anything, the restaurant – which was more of a cafe than anything else – looked out over the marshes. On a beautifully sunny day, without a cloud in the sky, Cookie’s Crab Shop was the perfect setting for some fresh, Norfolk seafood.

The staff were friendly, efficient and served us the very best they had on offer while telling us all about the latest catch and what were the best combinations. We went for prawn and garlic pate and potted shrimps to start, with Royal crab salads and a tiger prawn salad for mains. The food was delicious and could not have been fresher unless it jumped straight out of the ocean and on to my plate.

There was such a relaxed atmosphere at Cookie’s Crab Shop, and even the option of bringing along your own wine to accompany the food, as some of the diners had done. I would heartily recommend the place to anyone with a fondness for seafood or a wish to try crab as it should be served. The meal was followed by a drive through the stunning villages along the coast, with a quick stop in Thornham before we headed to Old Hunstanton to see my family’s pretty little beach hut, which is having work done on it at the moment but I shall post pics when it is finished.

Have you eaten at Cookie’s Crab Shop? Do you love seafood – what is your favourite dish?

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