hot-stone-massage-therapyI talk about festivals a lot. But who could blame me? My work as editor of This Festival Feeling is something that takes up a lot of my time and I am extremely passionate about it. I love that it brings two of my greatest loves together – writing and festivals. I may have only gone to my first festival two summers ago, but it changed my life and led me to where I am today. And where am I today? Well, I’m the editor of a pretty big online publication focused solely on my favourite topic and I manage a team of writers who all love festivals and writing as much as I do. In addition to being lucky enough to get to do something I really love, I’ve gained masses of experience in producing digital content, working with PR companies and editing, plus I’ve had the opportunity to attend festivals for free – that’s the dream! I’ve been very lucky, but at the same time, I have also put a lot of hard work in, working a full time job, writing a blog and finding the time to edit reams of press releases, articles and features is not easy. I spend hours each evening writing, editing, filing and sifting through spam folders to find the stuff that you guys read in just minutes. It takes time to source the photos and liaise with PR companies, to interview artists, organise press accreditation and all the rest. But I do it because I love it, and hell yeah I love attending the festivals. But, even I get to a point when I need a break from all the festival talk, the pounding bass lines and late nights. It’s been a busy summer for me and if you’ve been reading, you’ll know I’ve crammed a lot in. I’ve been to four festivals (I’ll be on my way home from number four as you read this) and three of the festivals took park on three consecutive weekends. Around them, I’ve still been working full time with no time to really rest or catch up on sleep in-between them, no time to let the hangover fade before heading out to the next festival, and barely time to unpack my bag. Of course, my work is full time at the paper, but then we also include blogging on here around four times a week, writing up all the festival articles, previews and reviews and all the other every day stuff, plus don’t forget I’ve been working as a babysitter and waitress as well – trust me, I’m a busy bee.sleep-like-a-babyWith all of this going on, I have to say I am exhausted. I’ve actually had my first cold in at least five months because my body is so tired and I’m constantly faced with deadlines I have to meet. But I don’t want anyone to think I’m moaning about any of this – I put myself in this position and I may be tired but I’m loving every second. I’ve never been the sort of girl to sit about and wait for life to happen, I grab the bull by the horns and swing it round until the sun comes up. But now with just one more festival to go before I get a break to recover ready for the next, I’m starting to think about how on earth I filled my time before festival season, and what the heck am I gonna do when it finishes? Here are just some of the things I have on my to-do list for post-festival season:


I can’t wait for lie-ins and a chance to catch up on some zzz’s in my own bed, rather than on a sleeping mat in a tent. I can’t wait to wake up from a night’s sleep and not have to pry my eyes open, to not have to force myself out of bed and to actually feel like I’ve slept enough. It’s strange, normally I really make sure I always get a solid eight hour sleep in because I know how much it affects my productivity and I feel much better for it, now surviving off so much less and not getting a chance to catch up really takes its toll.


The day after I get home from the next festival (BoomTown Fair) I have booked myself and the boyfriend in for a full body hot stone massage – I used a voucher I got for my birthday and can’t wait to be seriously pampered after this summer of festivals. I love a massage and usually have a regular spa day with my mum, but we’ve both been so busy that we haven’t had one since the end of last year – I’m looking forward to a really luxurious treat after all this partying.


I seriously need to finish Orange Is The New Black – I reached about halfway through the second series when all the festivals kicked off and suddenly my workload doubled! I really want to know what happens next and I’ve already got another two series lined-up to watch when I finish it. I love getting into a TV series, but it doesn’t take much to make me lose interest, but this is one I have really enjoyed and I want to make sure I watch them and have the time to really enjoy them rather than rushing to watch them when I’m too exhausted to pay attention.


I have so many big plans for this blog and the biggest is a huge redesign which will make it look completely different, but I also have plans for lots of posts and new sections that I hope you will all love. I just need the time to programme all of this in and get it up and running. I’m planning on taking Absolutely Lucy to the next level and if you read my interview with The Bloggers Lounge you will have a few ideas about the changes I want to make content-wise. I hope that all of your guys who read Absolutely Lucy will like the changes and will support me through the next stage of writing.


Of course, you will all know by now about my travel plans for next year, well planning the actual route and booking the flights etc has been put on hold during festival season, but once all these events are over, it’s full steam ahead and saving is my main priority – so work will take over my life a little bit. As you know, I have started work as a waitress, on a bar and babysitting of late, and I really want to be able to put a lot more time into both of these over the coming months to help save as much money as possible for travelling.

Catch Up

I’m looking forward to catching up with friends properly. I’ve seen my festival group loads lately but I worry I’ve neglected my other friends a bit and am looking forward to having lots of time to catch up with them and what’s been going on in their lives, plus I can’t wait to tell them all about the festivals I’ve been to. I try my best to keep up with everything my friends are up to, but when you have as many commitments as I do, it can be difficult, particularly when my friends are all as busy as I am!10527339_10152190746447617_5900766769861430926_nThere are lots more things I’m looking forward to doing when I have more time on my hands, things like selling my stuff at car boot sales and on eBay, sorting out my CV and visas for travelling, getting back to the gym, organising a blogger’s meet-up and another university reunion. Lots to do and something tells me I’ll be even more busy once the festivals finish, but bring it on!

Have you been really busy this summer – are you looking forward to having some time to chill after all the festivals? What else can I use to fill my time post-festival season?