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Dunmore East, Waterford Wedding

A Waterford wedding was the perfect opportunity for me to return to Ireland, to a land of rolling hills and wild coastline, cider and Irish coffee. After a summer of madness partying at festivals across Europe, it was time to head to Ireland for the maddest get-together of all. My boyfriend’s Irish family for a huge wedding! After catching our early morning flight over to Waterford Airport (still the smallest and simplest airport I have ever travelled through). We landed to a huge welcome party as many of the family had arrived to pick up others arriving at the same time.

It ended up with a crowd of around 20 of us gathered outside the airport with our bags. Setting off on our 10-minute journey from the airport to The Creaden Bed & Breakfast, in Dunmore East, where we were staying. We checked in and were welcomed by ocean views and the comfiest bed. Waking up to the sight of boats bobbing in the harbour was a highlight of the Waterford wedding trip.


Ocean Views

Family catch-ups before the Waterford wedding

I just loved waking up to blue skies, sunshine and the ocean. We headed straight up to the stunning Haven hotel, where the Waterford wedding was being held. We met the rest of the family for an afternoon of catch ups and good food. Hats off to the speciality seafood chowder with Irish soda bread and the freshly baked scones. Later on, we all went out for a lovely evening walk around the bay.

Exploring Dunmore East

The views were magnificent and there’s nothing like fresh sea air. Imagine living in one of the stunning thatched cottages with a beautiful clear view across the ocean. We were thrilled to be back in Ireland. It’s such a magical country that makes you feel right at home, no matter where you’re from. I’ve always loved Ireland, and fall further in love every time I visit.

Haven Hotel, Dunmore Wedding

After a delicious prime sirloin steak served with mash and vegetables in a sauce made up of Irish Whiskey, garlic, mushrooms, onions and cream. We sang happy birthday to Mark’s mum, Carmel, who celebrated her 50th in July.

Jagermeister joke

An evening well spent…

The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and family stories. Watching an epic lightning storm light up the bay from the huge windows. And talk of another upcoming wedding which was to take place in a nearby castle in Waterford. For those up since 5am, it was a long night but one filled with love.

Have you been to Ireland? Which part and how was your experience?

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