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Our kitchens are the heart of our home and getting them to feel warm, welcoming and homely is important. It feeds us, cleans us, it allows us to sit together over breakfast. It tends to be a very social area for your family, coming together before everyone goes to work or school to have breakfast or to talk over your day whilst cooking tea. With these factors in mind, you need something that offers durability, ease in maintenance and functionality. It's important for flooring to be able to withstand years of this activity. Many of us choose tiles or laminate or even a hardwood floor to combat the many steps and spills that come along throughout a lifetime. However, many of those are susceptible to wear and tear. Many people prefer to choose luxury wood effect vinyl flooring as an option.

Vinyl flooring upgrades for your home

Back in the olden days, vinyl products for flooring were very flimsy and looked kind of tacky. On top of that, they were very susceptible to wear and tear and didn't exactly look great. But if you think that vinyl manufacturers just kept things the same then you are mistaken. Those same manufacturers spent many years ironing out the floors and adding extra protective layers to prevent damage. Not only is it extremely durable and long-lasting. But it also perfectly replicates several flooring styles such as hardwood and stone. So that interior designers are quick to highlight it as the preferred option.

When you choose the luxury vinyl tile you are protected against a lot of kitchen threats. For starters, it is a 100% waterproof product that ensures your subfloor will not be soaked should any spills or sink incidents occur. Unlike real stone or tile, vinyl will not crack if objects are dropped onto it, and its cushioned design provides a greater chance that plates or glasses will bounce rather than break.

Vinyl flooring to upgrade the heart of your home

It's much easier to clean...

Undoubtedly the best part about vinyl flooring is how easy it is to keep looking great. It does not require expensive polishes, waxes or chemicals. It can be cleaned with a simple sweep of a brush and occasional mop with just warm soapy water. This ensures that even the lowest price Amtico flooring doesn't require vast expense in your cleaning budget. As vinyl has spent years undergoing design changes, it now uses stain and scratch guard technologies to ensure risk is low. You would still be required to ensure that any furniture has felt padding on the feet, but otherwise, it does a lot of the protection for you.

But does vinyl flooring look good?

The big question is all about it looking good. Truthfully, it looks just as good as the real thing. The bonus is that you can choose from so many kinds of colours, palettes and tones. It may be the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK and Amtico Spacia but it is not cheap in design or style. We would recommend luxury wood effect vinyl flooring for those who like easy installation and a great sense of style.