imageI've always been part of a travelling family - we've always had our base in little old Norfolk but have been constantly dreaming of holidays in countries far and wide, dreams that have then become reality. I'm very lucky to have grown up that way and I think a lot of my curiosity about the world has stemmed from my parents' attitude to travel. At just 18 years old, my dad boarded a plan and flew halfway around the world from his home in Mauritius - leaving behind all his friends and family - to train and work as a nurse in the UK. My mum, for as long as I can remember has always needed to be by the sea and to have a holiday planned and booked so she doesn't go stir crazy - I was never built to stay in one place. From the moment I was born, I was holidaying across Europe, Africa and the US, but I've always had plans for bigger and crazier places, stories and moments. I'm always looking for the next adventure and when I decided to come travelling, my parents were so excited for me to head out on a brand new one. Their support and encouragement meant I never really worried about doing it on my own, it meant I just looked forward to it until it was too late to turn back. That was just what I needed to not feel the fear, to not second guess myself. It was just what I needed to realise that adventure is in my blood and jetting off to the other side of the world is just another step in the rollercoaster of my life.

The more I travel, the more I want to travel. It's addictive - the people, the sights, smells and sounds - once you start it's impossible to imagine stopping and going back to what you knew before. Whether you're backpacking long-term or just on holiday for two weeks, we all have that moment where we ask ourselves - what would happen if we just stayed, if we never went back? But what about those people that never do it? You know the ones I mean - the ones who daydream about sipping cocktails on the beach or walking the Great Wall of China but leave it at that. The ones who talk about doing amazing things and falling in love on a desert island somewhere in the Pacific or dancing until dawn on a beach in Thailand but allow themselves to be put off by stories in the media, or worse, money. I can't stand when people talk to me about the money of travelling - when they assume that I managed to travel for nine months without working because of daddy. When they don't realise that I actually worked my arse off for a full year in five jobs and saved every penny, so I could live the dream. When they don't realise that I haven't had a full day off from work in weeks because I never turn down a shift in either of my two jobs while I save for my next adventure. I read something interesting the other day about how people who don't go travelling blame the money for not going, but they also buy lunch for work every day and how this can add up to around £2-300 a month. By saving that money and taking a packed lunch, in around three months you could already afford to buy a plane ticket to almost anywhere in the world. That these people are just too lazy to make lunch.

Most of the backpackers I know are some of the poorest people in dollar but they make up for it in the richness of their character and stories. They will happily live off instant noodles and sleep in bedbug infested hostels to save the money to do amazing things like trek up a mountain or party on a Thai beach. They spend their days working every hour available and all the while are envisioning sunbathing on a gorgeous beach or swimming in waterfalls somewhere, dreaming big gives them the motivation to work and save hard. It's how I can stand to go and live in the middle of nowhere for three months to complete my regional work so that I get my second year visa - I'm thinking about the long term when I can return to Australia and the road trip I get to do after I finish. It doesn't matter whether you're a backpacker or holidaymaker - you should always dream big when you think about your next destination. Whether you fancy stunning Asian beaches, dusty African deserts, the skyscrapers of the US or the quirky history of Europe - there's something for everyone and it can all be tailored to suit the kind of trip you really want. My dream trip would be to travel around either Africa or South America, discovering the different cultures, foods and traditions that each individual country has to offer. In Africa, I have always dreamt of that hot air balloon ride over the savannah at sunrise or sunset, while South America conjures up visions of improving my salsa skills and spicy food. Both would be incredible and I'm sure that they will happen one day, travelling has made me all the more determined to keep exploring the world around me.

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What is your dream trip? If you could go anywhere in the world and do anything - what would you choose? 


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