10446643_250170638505853_1728545990257372911_nThe beautiful Kate of Day-to-Day Dreamer (a blog I absolutely adore – particularly for keeping an eye on what goodies Kate has been baking up!) has tagged me in the Blog Your Heart Out tag. Check out her post here. It’s a great getting to know you tag, which gives readers, and fellow bloggers, the chance to learn a little more about the blogger behind the posts. Well, here goes nothing!

Who/what encouraged you to start blogging?

I started blogging about nine or ten months ago after being invited to a Bloggers Party by some friends. I had always loved reading blogs and found them far more interesting than magazines, but had never really thought of starting a proper one myself. I already had a Tumblr but this was more a bit of fun than anything I tied myself to writing for. After meeting a group of bloggers (including Retro Chick) who had turned blogging into a full time career and meeting so many who covered such a wide range of topics, I was inspired to give blogging a go and have never looked back since. The regular writing is so much fun and I always get such amazing feedback which is lovely. My friends and family gave me loads of encouragement when I first started out and that what was made me keep going, so for that I am extremely grateful.

How did you know what topics to blog about? 

I never tried to pin myself to one genre from the beginning but I knew I didn’t want to write about fashion or beauty. I was certain I didn’t have enough interest in either topic to give them the dedication they require. I decided to stick myself under lifestyle and to use my blog as a place to cover all topics imaginable, from food, fitness and travel, to music, festivals, books and theatre, plus plenty of opinions and much more. I never stop myself from writing on various topics and like to keep things fresh and unpredictable for my readers, it makes it exciting and fun for me to write as well which I hope comes across in my posts. I take inspiration from every aspect of my life from the things I do, eat, see and talk about to the places I visit and my thoughts. I have also forced myself to branch out even more since starting and now cover more topics than ever before with further plans for more travel posts in the future to fit with my travelling plans for next year.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

My boyfriend thinks I am a total bed obsessive because whenever he comes over I always have to have the covers squared up and neat whereas he prefers the sheet to be all over the place – and he thinks I’m the crazy one?! I don’t tell him that when he’s not round, I always mess up the covers and kick them all over the place, I only do it to wind him up! Haha

What three words describe your style?

Again, like Kate, I’m not sure if this means writing or personal style, but if I had to try and describe my writing style it would be cheerful, chatty and opinionated – at  least that is what I’m aiming for! Not sure how I would describe my personal style, but you’ve seen my pictures, perhaps you can take a stab at it? The only thing I can think of is festival-inspired because I do tend to try and dress like I’m at a festival most of the time now, it just makes me happier!

What do you love doing when you’re not blogging?

When I’m not blogging, I’m a bit of a busy bee! As you might have picked up, I adore festivals so often I will be away at a festival reviewing it, or will be working as editor of This Festival Feeling (festival news site) which is something else I really enjoy. Around that, at the moment I really love saving money for my big trip next year so I am working hard at the newspaper and have also taken on some babysitting and will hopefully have an extra job in a nearby pub by the time you read this – all helps save the pennies! Otherwise, I’m busy doing all the fun things you read about in my blog whether it is going to gigs, food events, trips to London or to meet up with friends. I also spend a lot of time with my boyfriend, close friends, family and pet tortoise. I could reel off a lot more things but you may as well just read a bit more on my blog and find out for yourself!

Well, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it and thanks again Kate for thinking of me when tagging others! Now comes the hard part, I have to choose some lovely bloggers to tag to continue the post – here are my choices:

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Enjoy ladies! Can’t wait to see your posts x