photo (8)First of all, an apology for disappearing a bit lately. I’ve been super busy with all the festivals and everything else, plus there’s been lots of big changes including one of my best friends moving away – so lots of distractions and I have to admit the blog has suffered slightly. I made a decision not to post at all because I knew I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to writing a full post and didn’t want to post just any old rubbish. With all this in mind, I’ve had a whole list of blog posts just waiting to be written and shared with you all and here is the first from that ever-growing list. This is a special post nominated by one of my favourite bloggers – The Travelista – Jess is a luxury travel blogger who is a fantastic writer, has an amazing life and is always jetting off somewhere special. To say that I would love to achieve half of what she has done as a blogger is an understatement and it was a real honour to be nominated by her to give a backstage view of life as a blogger.

This is just one of many reasons I love being part of the blogging community – having people to look up to and learn from. Being part of this community is something I have really missed over the last few weeks when all of these festivals have taken over my life. It’s great to be able to make connections with bloggers all over the country who all love writing about and documenting their lives as much as I do. Learning about what they get up to behind the scenes is great because there are so many who work in totally different ways and yet we all ave the same motivation sitting behind it all. Living in Norfolk, you do feel a bit cut off from other bloggers with many of the closest living in Norwich. There are a few of us scattered around my area, but you always feel like it would be great to be a blogger in a bigger city like London or Manchester where it seems groups are always meeting up and networking. With this is mind, chains like The Blog Hop are a brilliant way for bloggers to link up – even if they don’t blog on the same topics – and get to know each other. I’m sure you’ve had an idea of how crazy life has been for me lately, so now’s your chance to really learn about how I approach blogging and how I find the time to fit it in around four (9)

1) What am I working on/writing?

Well as you guys will have picked up – I’ve been out of blogging action a bit over the last two weeks and I feel like I’ve been away forever! I have so many posts that are little more than a spark in my brain at the moment, but I know as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard they will blossom into something bigger and better than I ever imagined. I can’t wait to share them with you! Topics coming up will include festivals – of course! Plus some travel posts, more work posts, dream interpretation, more upcoming events, and possibly even some fashion posts as I look for the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding – gasp! The biggest thing I will be starting work on behind the scenes is a whole makeover for Absolutely Lucy. I’ve been dying to do this for ages – I feel like my blog has entered a new stage and I really want to update the whole thing so it looks more professional. I have no idea of a time-frame but would love to have it done by the end of September – I plan to do it all myself so it may take time.

 2) How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

I spend probably around 70% of my time writing, whether as a journalist for the local newspaper, as an editor for This Festival Feeling, as a freelance writer and contributor for various sites such as CultNoise, or, of course, as a blogger. Naturally, each of these demands me to write in a very different tone and style, while journalism is rather more formal, festival writing is way more relaxed and chatty. I like to strike a balance on my blog and consider it a bit like talking to your mates. I like to write as I speak and I think that chatty, forward and friendly combination comes across much as I do in person – at least that’s how I hope I come across. Content-wise, I have yet to find a blog that covers the range of subjects I do, with so many opinion posts and so many posts on festivals, food, fitness, travel and the rest.. but also the fact that I pretty much completely skip all beauty and fashion posts. Much as I love clothes and make-up, I don’t really love them enough to write about them and I think that sets me apart – I focus on lifestyle and the action part of having a life rather than the more decorative parts of life.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I hate to say it but Jess stole the words right out of my mouth when she says being a writer is in her blood. I’ve spent my life reading everything I can get my hands on and writing everything – I used to spend hours perfecting my stories, essays, calligraphy and anything else I could create with a pen and paper. I just love it. I have such a passion for the English language and for both reading and creating literature of all kinds, so I take every opportunity to do so. I love everything I write and I am so lucky to write in so many different formats. Newspaper writing is a great exercise and really challenges me, while festival writing is more creative and really gives me a chance to express my love of festivals while working directly with the festival organisers and their PR companies. But writing on Absolutely Lucy gives me a chance to fill the void and write what is truly burning away inside me, it means I can cover the burning issues that are affecting my life and those I love, it means writing about amazing events and all my passions, and doing it in my own voice. And that is why I write what I do, because I am just one voice in six or seven billion, but my voice has something to say and this blog is my little corner of the internet to express what I am thinking.

4) How does my writing process work?

As someone who spends such a huge amount of her time writing, my whole process and my to-do list is engrained on my brain and that is probably why I usually find it so easy to manage my time efficiently. All the ideas, brainwaves and plans are kept in my head, sometimes my phone, and often I can rap out a blog post in 10-20 minutes because I already have it planned out in my head. Normally, I will spend a couple of evenings a week blogging, replying to emails and comments, but sometimes this time can be spread across different days. Traditionally Mondays or Sundays, with some time on a Wednesday as well. But I have since started a new job and work Wednesday nights, so there will be no more mid-week blogging. Now my blogging hours are scattered throughout the week, I update my social media channels several times a day, which is easy alongside my day job. I also sometimes spend my lunch breaks blogging if inspiration hits, and am always sure to take photos throughout the week as ideas strike me. Often I will sit and write several blog posts in one go, I will then time them on throughout the week so they are scattered across the days. I love having the time to give myself a whole evening to dedicate to catching up on blogging and am never short of ideas.

1512553_10152223375147617_3339407398728966966_nThere you go – a little peek into the world of Absolutely Lucy, how I write, get inspired and formulate the posts that appear as you see them. I hope it’s given you a taste of why I do what I do, even though it means staying up until all hours creating posts for you to read, and what makes this blog different from any other. The next part of Blog Hop is to nominate three more bloggers to take part by also answering these four questions and revealing what goes on behind the scenes of their own fantastic blogs. So I am going to nominate these lovely ladies…

1) Jess May from Just Jess May

She’s one of my favourite bloggers of the moment, and I’m so happy I recently discovered her as I am loving every single one of her posts. She writes about relationships and uses her own as inspiration – so refreshing to read about a girl in a long-term relationship with such a fantastic attitude to life. Her ability to put a smile on your face instantly with her posts is something to be admired.


2) Chelsea Louise Hayden of Loving Life in Wellies

I swear Chelsea could be another version of myself in a parallel universe – she literally couldn’t live any further across the other side of the country to me and yet we have so much in common. We even reckon we’re repping life as mermaids on our equally beautiful beaches. I love reading her blog, because despite being so far away from each other, we have very similar interests and her latest food posts on her inspired part-raw/vegan diet has really inspired me to get back into my healthy eating post-festivals.


3) Hayley-Eszti Szücs of Hayley Eszti

Hayley is such a lovely person and I’m so glad that I became a blogger if it means chatting to people like her. She has the most wonderful pictures on her blog, she looks like a fairy in them and that just further adds to the way I feel totally inspired after reading her posts. She is unfailingly positive, even when she feels at her lowest, and considering she suffers from multiple chronic illnesses including ME, you could understand her letting it get the better of her. But again and again, she has me reading about conditions that I have never experienced and know nothing about – she takes us on a journey and is doing a great job of raising awareness while making us all feel a bit more grateful for having full health.

profile2_zps8c1bb8eeThanks to all three of your beautiful bloggers for giving me some great reading material and for all your support in turn on my own blog. I’m  looking forward to reading all about what goes on behind the scenes!

What did you think of this post? Have a similar writing technique or a totally different attitude to blogging? Why not share  – I’d love to know how everyone else approaches it!