sleep1It might come as a surprise to some of you that me and the boyfriend don’t live together after being together for such a long time – everyone seems to be moving in together at the moment! But actually, our living situation has enabled us to enjoy the best of both worlds. On my wage, I would have been seriously poor if I lived with him and would have had no life, but staying at my parents’ house has given me an opportunity to save money while paying low rent and it gives me an easy way out of any contract when I go travelling. In Wolfy’s case, he lives with a friend in a house that is owned and has been remodelled by his parents. Both quite independent people, we really like our own space so living apart has actually been quite nice, we have the option to see each other whenever we like, and the money I save on rent can also go towards us doing fun things together like all the festivals back in the summer.

Since moving out of his parent’s house, Wolfy has lived in two homes and the first one, which he shared with two other boys, provided me with quite an experience. I know a lot of people who are in shared homes – some with couples and a few other friends, others are trios or groups of four – many find this is the only way they can afford to live out. So I know I’m not the only one who will have had some pretty hilarious and gross experiences in my time spent staying over at a shared house. I’m quite lucky that now Wolfy lives in a house with just the one friend it is kept really nice and clean, and that this house-mate knows not to just barge in when you’re getting changed. But the old house did make for some rather entertaining times.


20 experiences every girl has had while staying at her boyfriend’s shared house

  1. Everyone has seen everyone naked. Not through choice, but it’s just a bond most of you share. Particularly in a boys’ house, willies are constantly on display and privacy is a thing of the past
  2. Never a moment’s peace when you want a pee, someone always comes barging in or starts talking to you through the door
  3. There are mouldy plates everywhere – half eaten Dominoes/curries and nothing is ever clean if you want to cook
  4. Good luck actually trying to find a glass if you want a drink – most liquid is drunk out of glass bottles in this house
  5. Date night is a thing of the past and Friday’s are spent partying with the house-mates and whoever else turns up
  6. A romantic meal for two becomes dinner for five – and that’s if you can find a clean spot in the kitchen
  7. Things get really, really dirty before “the big clean up” which happens about once a month
  8. Farting. There’s a lot of farting. And there’s always one house-mate who doesn’t understand the concept of personal space and likes to leave the door open when he’s on the toilet.
  9. There’s always someone about for a laugh, food and getting drunk, no matter what time of night it is
  10. Clean towels are a thing of the past, and you consider buying jelly shoes to wear in the shower
  11. Every time you try to have a quiet night in front of the TV, someone comes and changes the channel
  12. Starting to keep up with the boys because you spend so much time drinking and partying with them
  13. Everyone in the house has been caught in a compromising position – with no locks on the doors, everyone just seems to barge their way in!
  14. That moment when you sink to their level and eat something out of desperation despite it being seriously debatable how long it has sat in their house
  15. Realising quite how gross men can be when they are grouped together without a woman to clean up after them
  16. All those hilarious nights full of silly jokes and plenty of banter that left you in hysterics
  17. Everything in the house belonging to everyone – your booze is up for grabs to anyone passing through, but so is their food
  18. Having a place for the whole gang to meet up, have house parties and get together on any night of the week
  19. Really appreciating your own experience of living at home or with friends in a much cleaner girls’ house
  20. Knowing that you’ve firmly grown out of shared housing


Any classics you want to add to the list?

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