Finding your Autumn style can be a bit of a challenge when you're a summer baby at heart. Made more for bikinis on the beach and flip flops, the cooler months have always been a struggle for me. Perhaps the reason why I've spent the last four years chasing the summer from the Northern to the Southern hemispheres and back again! While some friends craved the warm winter woolies and darker nights, fantasising about staying warm on the sofa with a good movie, I was dreaming of tropical heat and living on the beach. But moving to Hamburg has really made me see Autumn in a whole new light, no longer is it the season of rain and wind and cold, but instead Germany has shown me a season filled with warm, rich colours, with hearty food and log fires. I can't believe I had never seen it before, but Autumn is Germany at it's finest, the parks ablaze with gold, red and brown, the skies clear, blue and the ground warmed by the late season sun. I won't lie, I'm writing this on a day when it is rainy and blustery to the max, a horrible autumnal day, but until now, my first Autumn living in Germany has been one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

You all know that I'm used to spending my life in maxi dresses and swimwear, and already I've adjusted my summer style to fit in with the Hamburg look, but with a new season comes a whole new challenge. Getting used to all the layers, knitwear and most of all, weatherproofing against the German weather while not giving up all sense of style! German style seems to be very functional, weather-oriented and very muted colours, with a lot of black. Well, as much as I'm rooting for how practical their style is, I can't help but be bored by the lack of colour and fun in dressing for the weather. I think there HAS to be a way of preparing both the sunny Autumn days and the worst weather that is yet to come this season, while still maintaining your fun, quirky style throughout the winter months. Here's five ways I'm embracing the season and changing up my style for autumn:

Autumn leaves


I love anything colourful and living in sunny countries means a bright colour scheme never gets a second look. But, when you're walking through dark, dull streets and everyone is wearing black and grey, it can be hard to be brave and to embrace colour. I miss my bright red and yellow summer dresses that always looked great with a tan! But there's no reason why your autumn/winter wardrobe has to be dull. Why not change up your colour palette and instead of avoiding all colour, go for more muted, jewelled tones that suit the season. I love the autumn shades,l from deep reds and golds, to rusty oranges, I'm a huge fan of the rich colours appearing in the shops. It doesn't have to mean a complete wardrobe overhaul, why not pick up some new accessories or basic tops to pair with your favourite season-to-season items? My favourite new items are a deep orange headscarf and a bargain rust-coloured coed jacket that I’ve barely taken off since I found them.


It’s all about the accessories and I’m all about finding ways to change up your autumn style while sticking to your budget and keeping things sustainable. It’s nice to see fashion bloggers stepping away from fast fashion and instead promoting vintage and second-hand shopping. I’m a big lover of vintage shopping and find it great for picking up one-of-a-kind pieces that will help keep your style unique to you. Whether it’s a new bag, scarf or even a hat, it will come with a story, and even better, you’ll know that your purchase will be supporting both your wallet and the environment. One of my favourite things to shop for is vintage and second-hand jewellery on markets and in stores, you can find some real gems if you dig deeper enough!Autumn style


When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more important than having plenty of layers at the ready to keep you toasty on the walk to work. We all want to look good, but it’s just as vital to stay warm and cosy when it’s -10 degrees outside. I’ve started wearing small tops under big jumpers with a warm coat for the journey into work, with scarves and hats. Layering means being ready for that first blast of autumn winds and rain in the morning, but also being able to peel off those layers when your office is 100 degrees by the afternoon. By being smart and combining layers, you can save yourself the cost of investing in a thicker coat by instead layering jackets and jumpers. If you’re on a budget when updating your autumn style, this can really help.

Investing in key pieces

Trying to limit your purchases of new autumn styles? Trying to stick to a budget? Cut back on spending and instead invest in a capsule wardrobe. Just focus on picking key pieces that you know you can style up in multiple ways and will wear throughout the season. Don't worry about picking up one of everything, instead pick out the timeless styles you know you will bring out again and again. If you love the more retro, 70's styles, why not invest in a pair of flares or some corduroy trousers? Or if you prefer, why not invest in a piece of knitwear or boots you will wear for years to come? Always ask yourself if you really need the item, if you will wear it for more than one season and if it is really your style.Autumn leaves

Recycling summer styles

A great way to refresh your wardrobe is to recycle clothes from one season to the next. All those summer dresses could be reinvented with a polo neck or long-sleeved top underneath and a pair of boots. Pair with a nice, cosy winter coat and you have a brand new look! Or why not bring back those summer skirts with a pair of tights and ankle boots? Look carefully at your wardrobe and think about how you can recycle what you already have to really make the most of the clothes and limit your spending. Plan your autumn style carefully to achieve maximum effect with minimal effort. All the money you will save, plus the knowledge you are making sustainable choices for the environment, will be more satisfying than yet another cheap dress or outfit. Plus, restyling previous outfits forces you to get creative and try ways of wearing items!

How do you change up your style for autumn? How are you embracing the season? What's your must-have autumn style?

Absolutely Lucy

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As the cold, dark nights draw closer, we're all looking for the best autumn home decor inspiration to help make our homes as cosy as possible for hibernation season. Since moving into an apartment in Hamburg, I'm a little homewares crazy and I can't stop thinking about all the ways I can make the place as inviting as possible. After all, if I really have to spend another winter freezing my butt off in the northern hemisphere, the least I can do is enjoy wrapping up warm and candlelit nights in my new little home. For me, autumn is all about layers and soft fabrics, rich warm colours and firelight. Whether you have a big budget for giving your home a makeover, or you're just looking to add a few seasonal touches, there are lots of ways to style up your home for autumn.

Autumn home decor inspiration for your home:

Get cosy and layer up

There's nothing like the feeling of new bedding, and when better to refresh your bed than right before hibernation season? Those long dark nights just call for lots of cosy bedding and layers to snuggle up in. It doesn't have to be expensive, I'm a huge fan of Primark and Matalan bedding for when you want to give your room a makeover but don't have a fortune to spend on a new look. And a must for any autumn home decor makeover, pick up a soft knitted or fluffy throw to drape over your bed, there's nothing like it for maximum comfort and a really luxurious look to welcome you home after a long day.

Top tip: Keep your walls neutral so you can experiment with brighter colours on your bedding, it can completely change the look of your room.


Get that warm autumn glow

For me, autumn makes me think of warm fires and golden, flickering light. I just love a wood burner or open fire, but not all of us have this luxury and we definitely don't in our apartment. Instead I make do with scented candles and fairy lights which make the room so much more autumnal with that golden glow cast over the warm layers of the bed and couch. I've wound fairy lights around the top and bottom of my bed and they're lovely to have on while snuggled up in bed watching a movie. I also seem to collect candles, whenever I see a cute new one in the shops, I can't resist taking it home to add to my collection. It's lovely to run myself a hot bath and surround it with candles on a dark night. I always line them along the bedside tables and the windowsills for evenings in the living room or bedroom and it's such a cosy atmosphere. It's so simple and budget-friendly, but makes a real difference to your autumn home decor.

Top tip: Don't spend a fortune on candles, the expensive brands smell incredible but I always find they don't last very long when you burn them as often as I do. Primark do a fab range for anyone on a budget, or if you feel like splurging, you can't go wrong with Jo Malone.

Get inspired by nature

The last few weeks have seen the leaves changing colour to those rich reds, golds and browns and the ground is littered with horse chestnuts and acorns. I love seeing these hints of autumn and love bringing them into my home. If you don't have money to spend on decorating, there's plenty of ways to decorate for free by bringing nature into your home and styling up the things you find on the ground. I've been collecting conkers on my way into work every morning and bringing them home. My plan is to display them in bowls or jars around the living room and bedroom – so simple but really effective. Plus the old wives tale says they help keep the spiders and daddy-long-legs away – not sure if it's true or not but I'll be glad if it does!

Top tip: Head to the park or woods and combine a fresh autumn walk with a chance to collect some cute bits to decorate your home, it's a great thing to do with kids if you have little ones or a younger brother or sister. My autumn home decor inspo for cosying up your home

Get custom-styled

If you happen to have a bigger budget and are looking to makeover your home for the season, why not take a look at more luxury ways of styling up your home. From painting the walls in deep, autumnal tones and jewel colours like emerald and burgundy, to accessorising with gold and bronze. Finding autumn home decor inspiration is easy when you look at the colour scheme right outside your window. You could even look at new furniture and have the upholstery custom-made for your home so you can make your dream home a reality. Cox and Cox offer this service with a range of luxury fabrics and styles that could help you design the perfect living space for your home.

Top tip: If you want a home that changes with the seasons, pick neutral tones for the furniture that you can match to different colour paint/paper for the walls and brighter bedding or accessories.

What are your favourite ways to style your home for autumn? How do you change your home decor to suit the seasons? Have you made any home decor changes yet?

Absolutely Lucy

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