If you’ve ever dreamed of going shopping in Milan, this is the post for you! Milan is a beautiful city full of charm, quaint streets, incredible food, and it is known for fashion, craftsmanship and culinary art. This makes it one of the best shopping destinations in Europe (and somewhere that I really enjoyed visiting for my birthday last year.) With so much to see and do in Milan, those who want to do some shopping definitely want to come prepared. There are certain categories of items that people often focus on for purchases in Milan, and it is worth considering putting in some time to find pieces to go home with that you will love for years to come or perhaps over a lovely meal.

Shopping in Milan – the ultimate guide

Where to find the best fashion and jewellery:

It is no secret that Milan fashion is well-known around the world, and just walking around the streets of Milan, you quickly understand that Milanese women and men just get fashion. So have some fun shopping while in this fashion capital, find some pieces to wear during your time in the city, and bring home some new favorites!

Among the stores to visit, here are a few to make sure to check out:

Absolutely Lucy, Milan, Italy

Locate gorgeous craftsmanship

When it comes to craftsmanship, you will find the attention to detail and quality of products incredibly high coming from Milan. Items that are popular to buy in Milan include delicate china and umbrellas. Yes, umbrellas. The umbrellas made by Francesco Maglia are well-known in Milan. They put incredible detail into rain umbrellas, silk umbrellas, and creative umbrellas that are masterpieces. You’ll find Maglia’s umbrella shop at Scarazzini’s [Corso Genova, 28].

Taste the finest foods:

Food is often the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of Italy. So bringing home food that will bring you back to the memories of your trip or items for loved ones to experience the delicious Italian food makes for a great purchase in Milan. If you visit during Christmas, you can purchase panettone (a traditional bread loaf/cake) to bring home. Head to Grand Café & Tre Marie for the most traditional panettone available in Milan.

For coffee lovers, bring home a special blend that you loved on your trip. Or for a set gift, head to Moka Hodeidah to pick up a gift box with coffee, biscuits and more. For a little taste of specialty foods, a popular item to bring home is the Peck Gift Box, which includes ham, pasta, olives, cheeses, white truffles and more. Head to Peck, a food hall for incredible food baskets. Just be sure to first check on the restrictions for bringing food and items back to your home country!

With shops all around town, you will surely be able to find some favourites places and pieces. But the shopping arcades such as Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the department stores such as La Rinascente can always be your go-to places to find a bit of everything.

Have you visited Milan? Would you like to go shopping there?

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