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It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over time and there’s nothing like a change in circumstance to really shock you.
Sometimes it takes being forced to pack or unpack everything to really register how much stuff we own. Whether you’re moving house, downsizing or heading off to study – there’s no time like the present to have a good sort out. Lockdown has been a great excuse for me to really sift through the items I’ve collected over the years and to question whether I really need them anymore. Travelling for so many years has made me good at living minimally. But I know so many people struggle to cut back on “stuff”. The truth is, I feel so much happier with a simple and organised life. It genuinely makes my brain hurt to be surrounded by mess and clutter. So having a clear living space is really important for my mental health.

4 reasons why you should consider self storage

We all go through big life changes at some point and when that happens, it’s always good to be prepared with options for protecting and safely storing our stuff. Over the years, I’ve moved to and from university, lived in Australia and Germany. So I know a thing or two about stressful moves! But I’m a big believer that stressful situations only need to be stressful if you let them. Being prepared can make a huge difference and so I hope this post will help you to be prepared if you find you need to try self storage.

Choosing self storage when moving house

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences to go through, so why not make it easier on yourself? If you’re moving to university or to a new home, you may find you have a lot of stuff. But you might not have space for everything in your new home. So why not put your non-essential items into storage? You can choose self storage which will give you access to Now Storage self storage in Reading and this will give you access to a storage container where you can safely store any items or furniture until you need them again. If you’re moving into a student house, this can be a great way to downsize your “stuff” until you have space again. For those buying a house, it can be a good way to break up the move by splitting up your stuff.

Pick personal storage when travelling the world

As a traveller, I’m always limited to my backpack which means I always have stuff that I leave behind. While I’m lucky enough to be able to store my possessions at my family home – not everyone has the space to do this. Instead of paying extra for an apartment or home that you’re not using. Why not place your stuff into personal storage? It can be a great way to store the rest of your wardrobe. Or stash any furniture or personal items until you’re back in the country. It also means everything is locked and secure, it will also be monitored to prevent theft.

Expand your family and utilise storage facilities

Maybe you’re looking to grow your family, or you have a baby on the way. It’s amazing how much space a child takes up with all of their toys and necessities. You may find you need to clear out some stuff. But you can’t bring yourself to throw things away in case you want them later on. Storage facilities are a good way to clear out and make space in your home. While still holding on to your favourite things for later on.

Save your stuff from home improvements

When you’re in the middle of messy building work or start decorating. It can instantly feel like chaos in your home. Suddenly everything is out of place and you can’t swing a cat. Don’t get me started on the dust created by home improvements. So why not skip the stress by popping your stuff in storage? You can keep it organised and clean until the coast is clear and you can once again fill up your home.

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