*This guest post is a collaboration

With the ongoing crisis, it is only right that you be kind to yourself! It is easy to forget taking care of yourself, especially with the pressure and anxiety arising from this pandemic. However, don’t let this roller coaster of events kill your vibe! A little self-care and self-pampering go a long way in making you feel better. Furthermore, creating a positive aura just for you is essential to keep your serotonin high. Why don’t you try a slight U-turn and shower yourself with love?

It gets overwhelming with the uncertainty of this pandemic, but I do consider appreciating myself a goal –and you should opt to take care of yourself too. Besides, coming out of this crisis while staying somewhat sane is the goal! Don’t forget to celebrate your little wins, pamper yourself or even pop some champagne. Here are some of the self-compassion tips that might be what you need.

Make a corner of luxury candles

This one of my best self-care activities and you can do more with it. Why not try a house spa? This works perfectly fine even if you don’t have a Jacuzzi! Shop for scented candles, light them and take a long hot shower or chill in your bathtub. You can include a pizza night after that. Moreover, setting luxury candles gives a cool ambience to meditate. It is a therapeutic self-care method to unwind your body, especially after a long day. The heavenly scents remind you of the beauty of life amongst all this mess!

Have an amazing breakfast delivered to you

Think about chilling on your balcony and catch the morning sunshine while enjoying the fresh morning breeze. Place an order for morning breakfast delivered to you from your favourite restaurant. Rather, have your breakfast in bed treat and bonus if you go for vegetarian desserts. You deserve all the good things in life and getting once a month self-treat is ideal. Food gives comfort, spoiling yourself is healthy. Take a day off and enjoy your time.

Get up and do your hair and makeup

Even when you are feeling low, a slight makeover can enhance your esteem. It feels awesome to look good even when you not going out. Look good just for you, take selfies and don’t forget to smile. Besides, make yourself a priority, pick on that beauty routine and try new makeup tutorials. Looking good eases your mind and makes you love yourself more and boosts your confidence.

Redecorate a corner of your home

Now that we are staying home, it is nice to have a safe space in your house that brings you peace. Declutter your space and put away any stuff you don’t need. Furthermore, consider propping houseplants in the corner spaces. Indoor plants have a way of making a room look beautiful, taking time to work on your interior spaces is good for your wellbeing. Go for flowers they have a way of calming and creating a peaceful aura. Furthermore, you can turn your corner to a self-gallery and display your paintings or your favourite Picasso artworks.

Get a pack of Korean masks and do home treatment

This is the time to consider doing all those facials you didn’t have time for! Korean facials are known to be therapeutic and make the skin glow. Besides, Korean masks are known to be used for skincare in various luxurious spas all over the world. Why not try your at-home spa treatment? Order the Korean masks for a good complexion makeover while enjoying your wine. They give the best home treatment for clean, clear skin. It is a fancy way of showing self-compassion!

Treat yourself to a new handbag

Who doesn’t love flaunting a new handbag? It is a mood brightener and spending a few pennies on self is just perfect. Maybe this time, don’t stress on bills by busting the budget because there are so many beautiful, artisanal bags out there! You can check out sites like Mirta, that is a marketplace of Italian handbag brands and other leather goodies from the land of fashion (aka Italy). Furthermore, they come at an affordable price and they are shipped right to your doorstep from Europe! Seriously, this is just a self-treat that will make you fall in love with life and don’t miss out on feeling good. Get one for yourself or a loved one.

Make sweets and a big plate of pasta

Cook your favourite pasta and some sweets to share for your roommate, BFF, or yourself! Moreover, a glass of champagne and some sweets is a cosy way of treating yourself. In these stressful times, have a little self-treat to remind you that you matter. Nothing screams self-treat more than a sweet aroma of pasta. Besides, sharing the homemade sweets could be fun and showing love during these tough times can brazen your spirits and uplift your esteem.

Take a step further in practising self-compassion, take day outs for you and pour love into yourself. Inhale the fresh air and clap for yourself through the everyday grind. Little self-treats for your body are things you should constantly consider, even when you struggling, they have a way of making you feel great.

Showing you love, nurtures your soul and life perspective. This has a remarkable positive impact on your mental health. Have at-home relaxation and treat yourself to the best. It is just necessary.