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When you’re feeling stressed or tired, there’s nothing like an Aqua Sana Spa Day to perk you back up again. It’s a treat I love to indulge in every few months to really give myself a day of self-care and relaxation. It had been a busy few weeks so it was perfect timing to book a spa day with my bestie. We could spend the day catching up and treating ourselves over the long weekend. For those who don’t know, self-care is a really important part of my life. Sometimes this comes in the form of spa days and holidays, and other times it comes in the form of tough love and eating healthy.

I think it’s so important to practice self-care on a daily basis in various forms and to make sure this is a big part of your life. It changes your physical health and your mental health – while making you a much more positive person. You know the saying that you can’t help fill up the cups of others before you fill your own? Well I may have garbled that phrase a bit, but it’s true and self-care is how I fill up my own cup, so that I can give to others.


Aqua Sana Spa – Elvedon Centerparcs

My friend and I booked the pairs’ Spa Day with Decleor Aromatherapy Mind and Body Re-energiser treatment. This gave us all day to enjoy the Aqua Sana spa and all of its steam rooms, sauna, outdoor heated pool, meditation room and waterbeds. My favourite steam rooms are the Turkish Hammam to start because the menthol scent is great for clearing the lungs. This followed by the Indian Blossom room, which is my absolute favourite – the scent is absolutely divine! Then the Japanese Salt Steam which is also heavenly and great for building up a sweat before a cool shower. Then it’s outside to the newly-refurbished pool.

We enjoy a spa day every few months as a treat, but it has been closer to a year since the last one – life just got in the way this time! But it was great to go back after a longer break because the pool had clearly been replaced with brand new pressure jets, seating areas and massage sections which were amazing. Plus the fact that this time it was rather cooler outside meant the heat of the pool was like a warm blanket. But I think one of my favourite parts has to have been the nap I had on one of the water-beds – I definitely need one of these in my life. They offer total relaxation and within seconds of laying my head upon the pillow, I am drifting away into a deep sleep.

What do you get with your Aqua Sana spa day?

We had breakfast and lunch at the Vitale restaurant in the spa, both provided as part of the deal we booked. We enjoy a delicious raspberry and vanilla pastry with hot chocolate and coffee. Later, at lunch, we enjoy fresh paninis in soft, white bread with fillings such as roasted vegetables with grilled halloumi and pesto, and roasted peppers with brie accompanied by fresh juices and water. We followed this with a treat of a chocolate, hazelnut praline truffle cake each – to die for.

The lunch and all food included, plus access to the spa and treatments make this a fantastic deal for a spa day. The best in my area by far – when you don’t live in a city, it can be difficult to find good quality spa days. I’ve compared a lot of luxury hotels in the area and none of them offer a spa day quite as luxe as this one, especially for the price.

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The treatment – massage

After a few more hours relaxing around the spa and warm showers, we headed to the treatment rooms for our Decleor Aromatherapy Mind and Body Re-energiser. Described as “A heavenly massage of easing the tension from mind and muscles. Skin is treated to the wonderfully soothing sensation and exquisite aroma of a warm Decleor Aromaessence Balm. The expert touch of your therapist’s hands melts away stress and eases tense, tired muscles to unwind body and spirit leaving you with renewed energy.”

The treatment was divine, it started with a back massage that led to arms and legs being moisturised and massaged with oils, before finishing with a facial. For one hour I was truly in heaven and my muscles were oh so grateful after the stresses and exertions of the last few months. My shoulders appreciated the massage more than anything and it was lovely to have my face pampered – I adore skincare products and it’s a great opportunity to try new ones.

Was it worth the money?

I had a wonderful time at the Centerparcs Aqua Sana spa and for the money we paid – £90 each. It was incredibly good value. We had a treatment worth over £70, two meals, access to the spa, steam rooms, sauna and pool all day. Plus robes and towels provided. I have been to other spas in the area and have yet to find one that offers quite as good a deal, and such good quality  every time. Elvedon also offers far better a spa than the Sherwood Forest spa in Nottinghamshire, from my experience. I’m already counting down to when I can book the next one!

Have you been on a spa day at the Aqua Sana Spa? Would you like to book a spa day? Where do you go for spa days?

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  • December 13, 2013

    Now that looks like a break I’d enjoy! Thank you for visiting my blog and this is a great review. I’ll follow to see your new posts x

    • December 13, 2013

      No problem lovely, great blog! Thanks, appreciate it xxx

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