photo_2 (4)The warm weather has definitely got me back on the fitness regime again. Well to be honest, I never really got off that train but I hadn’t really been excited about my workouts for a while. I have these phases where I absolutely love working out and am constantly in the gym or planning my next workout as I work towards my next goal. Then I have these other times when I feel like I’m just going through the motions but I’m not really getting any results. These are usually the times when I choose to change up my routine and try a new exercise or shake up the order of things. Sometimes if I’m really not feeling it, I will just give myself a week off so that I start to crave exercise again. I’ve had that feeling lately and although I ploughed through and kept going, I just wasn’t feeling the burn. So thanks to the warm weather, I have found that something new to make my workouts fun and exciting again.photo_1 (4)As you may have picked up, I’m a Norfolk girl and I’m lucky enough to have been born and raised in a rural area where I’m never more than a few metres from the countryside, endless fields and shady woods. It’s beautiful here and I’m so lucky to have lived here for my childhood – yes there are some drawbacks but to be honest, this lifestyle beats city living for me every time. In the cities you may have convenience, but in the countryside we have beauty all around us and freedom to roam around in it. So what better than to take my workout into the great outdoors and start running along the river and through the woods near my home? I start doing this every summer, but thanks to all the festivals last year,  didn’t get out running quite as much as I would have liked. But now it is just getting a bit too hot and stuffy to spend quite so much time in my gym.photo_2 (5)So now I’ve started running along the river banks and through the fields near my home, I pass the dog walkers and run alongside the reeds lining the banks of the river and sometimes spot deer running out of the long grasses. It’s an amazing place and makes you feel like you’re completely alone as you watch the dragonflies darting along the river banks. Such a peaceful place to run and that is just what I’m looking for when I run. I like to be alone and to take the time to get my head straight, running provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. It is just you and the road, and with surroundings like this, there is plenty to keep your eyes entertained while your mind is centred. One of my new routes takes me through the woods that just a few months ago were more like a swamp. Now they are blooming and full of life, birds, bugs and blossom everywhere. Just beautiful. Here’s a few pics from my runs over the last week.photo_3 (4)photo_4 (4)photo (6)photo_5 (1)I love how green and vibrant everything is, so full of life and it all smells so fresh and smoke free. Considering how close we are to the centre of town, it’s amazing to feel like you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. It’s quite refreshing really I mean, I know you can easily get lost in the bigger cities, but is it ever quite like this? I guess you could say that running is kind of like my version of meditation, a way of finding quiet in a loud and busy world. It certainly helps clear my mind after a busy day at work. I’m still  going to the gym as well to keep going with my weights and the rest of my cardio, but this is just something for when I fancy some fresh air and it’s just too warm to stay inside.

Have you got a special place you go to chill out or run? How do you find your quiet place at the end of a hard day?