Now I’m going to be honest – an escape room was never my idea of fun. I’ve never had a brain for puzzles and the idea of being locked in a small, dark room is my worst nightmare. But, claustrophobia aside, today I want to talk about how I became a recent convert thanks to Handmade Mysteries [gifted experience]. They invited me along to try my luck at one of their many escape rooms across the country. So, I grabbed my mates and headed to London for an afternoon of riddles designed to test our ingenuity and teamwork. I couldn’t wait to see if we would make it out within the hour!

Review: Lady Chastity’s Revenge – The Hope, Farringdon, London

Spoiler alert: We won! I was so proud of our little team for managing to solve all the clues and escape with our prize within 55 minutes, just five minutes shy of the cut-off.

I won’t give too much away but I couldn’t resist choosing the game that centred around wine and a rather cheeky storyline. Cue a lot of laughs, a lot of frantic shouting, running around a dark room and solving clues. It was a great little venue for the game, we stocked up on a drink before we entered the games room upstairs. Our challenge was to join in the immersive game experience and attempt to win Chastity’s fabled aphrodisiac wine. If you ask me, any game that comes with a prize of wine, is a game that I’ll enjoy.

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Winners at Handmade Mysteries escape room, Lady Chastity's Reserve

8 reasons why you should try an escape room

Escape rooms are fun!

The most important one! I don’t know about you guys but I’m always looking for fun activities to do with my mates and love coming up with something new to try. This was definitely different for us and was such a fun way to spend the afternoon.

The challenge

There’s nothing quite like working the old grey matter and escape rooms are a great way to test your cognitive abilities. After all, your brain needs exercise just as much as your body, so think of escape rooms as a gym for the brain. They help you to think outside the box and look at problems in a different way, getting creative with your methods for solving them.


It was great to be pushed out of our comfort zones and the escape room was a fantastic way to test our abilities and teamwork. For a group that has known each other for over a decade, it was the first time we’d ever tested ourselves in this way. I’m proud to say everyone in the team pulled their weight and played a big part in us solving the clues, but you never really know what people are capable of until you try!

Perfect for a celebration

Whether it’s a birthday or even a staff party – escape rooms make the perfect activity for all. Handmade Mysteries are a great one for those who like a drink, we grabbed a pint before starting the challenge upstairs in the pub. Or, if you want a specially-themed escape room to suit your gang, there’s plenty to choose from. And the best thing is because they’re only an hour-long and in central areas, they provide the perfect start to a big day out with your mates.

Choose the theme for you

There are so many different escape rooms to choose from – whatever your interests might be, there’s sure to be an escape room to puzzle you. Pick one with a storyline for a more immersive experience, or go for a classic challenge to escape by solving practical games/puzzles. Do your research and find one that inspires your brain.

Get lost in your character

Indulge your theatrical side by immersing yourself in the characters of your escape room as we did in the cheeky Victorian theme of Lady Chastity’s Reserve. Shoutout to Izzy who was our Handmade Mysteries host and definitely got us in the mood to win! It’s a great bit of escapism to lose yourself in another character for the day, lose yourself!

Suitable for the whole family

While Handmade Mysteries are only suitable for 18+ groups due to them being hosted mostly at pubs, there are many other escape rooms to choose from. If you’ve got children, it could be a great way to keep them entertained during the summer holidays. Why not choose one that will bring the whole family together?

Get away from the screen

Spend too much time staring at your phone or laptop? Get out and experience a real-life video game by stepping into an escape room. Who needs a screen when you can live the game and bring your mates along for the laughs?

Prize at Handmade Mysteries for Lady Chastity's Reserve

Book an escape room with Handmade Mysteries

These twisted escape rooms are available all across London and Brighton and provide a handmade escape into an alternate universe. Cue hilarious clue solving, colourful characters and immersive storylines that are sure to get you guessing. These fun-fuelled races against the clock aren’t just reserved for dark rooms. They take place across the city with a selection of game experiences. Designed to test every mind with clues, comedy and immersive theatre.

Handmade Mysteries offer three different games at a variety of locations across the country:

  • Lady Chastity’s Reserve – seek out the fabled aphrodisiac wine in this 1hr escape room, 18+
  • Poppa Plonk’s Wonky Workshop – bizarre secrets, fun and games in this 1hr escape room, 18+
  • Operation Mindfall – unlock clues hidden in the city to stop a virus that infects the human brain. Can you find the the antidote in time? 2 hour outdoor experience 18+

All of these games are available at various locations across London and Brighton, with many taking place at pubs. If you would like to book an escape room, follow the link and choose your game to pick the location for you.

Have you been to an escape room – which one would you recommend?

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