Bank holiday weekends are always busy, usually full of rich foods and lots of cocktails and dancing, so sometimes it’s nice to start off with a bit of a chilled one and some time to catch up with some of your girls. I was lucky enough to win a free Body Shop Pamper Party earlier in the week, along with a free bottle of wine and a goodie bag (see above) after I was one of the first to like a post by a local Body Shop at Home consultant – I couldn’t actually believe it as I very rarely win anything. I’m always entering competitions but have only won like twice in my life and have always won rather rubbish prizes. This one was brilliant and a perfect excuse to get some of the girls that I haven’t seen for ages round for a good catch up and a chance to indulge the product junkies inside. I was lucky enough to book the party in for the same Friday and was so glad because otherwise it might have had to wait until well into September, and I managed to pin down three of the girls who weren’t working.

Sophie, the Body Shop consultant, headed to my house with a suitcase full of products in tow and talked us through all of the lovely Body Shop lotions and potions. I’m a big fan of The Body Shop anyway and always have a selection of their products on my shelves – at the moment I’m using their Vitamin E Facial Oil and the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream at night which are perfect for rehydrating my skin after festival season. Sophie had a huge range of bath and shower products for us to smell and try out, plus the lovely peppermint foot range – of which I couldn’t help but make a cheeky purchase – along with some of the beautifying oils and scents. It was great to have a good look through the brochures, check out the deals and try out the products because I haven’t had the chance to pop into an actual shop for ages. Sophie had a range of special deals only available at the parties, so I was already getting a better offer than if I had gone into a shop. My peppermint foot collection was £9 cheaper than if I had bought it in a store, and the girls snapped up some great bargains as well.


We also played a few games which had us all laughing as the girls attempted to come up with a memory of their hostess – most of which involved huge amounts of alcohol and crazy dancing, one even involving a fancy dress wolf’s head on a night out! After this, Sophie also demonstrated on my hands the use of the coconut exfoliator, shower cream and body butter with a lovely hand massage as the other girls practised on each other. It was a really nice treat and a perfect way to spend a Friday night before a big weekend – especially after a hectic few weeks! It was lovely to have a bit of a pamper and to have some chill time with the girls, and to try something a bit different that doesn’t involve any alcohol, as most of us were working the next day. It was even perfect for one of the girls who works at rival brand Lush and was  a bit worried she would spend the night judging the Body Shop’s products, instead she ended up making a few purchases!

It was a really great night and I’m so glad I won! A huge thanks to Sophie for the party and, if you fancy a girls night of your own – head to her Facebook page for more details and to book.

Have you had a Body Shop Pamper Party? What did you think? And what are your favourite products from the range?