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No bank holiday is complete without a visit to the seaside. I’m a lucky girl and live right on one of the most beautiful UK coastlines, in North Norfolk, so a visit to the seaside is a pretty regular thing for me – just try and keep me away from the sea! My inner mermaid always draws me back to the water and loves the feeling of the sand between her toes. This bank holiday, I took a trip to a coastal town I haven’t visited in years – Wells is a mere 40 minutes away from my home and is just lovely, it’s like stepping back in time with all of the families crabbing along the harbour, bunting strung from the rooftops and a little train to take you between the beach and the town. It’s like something out of an Enid Blyton novel and that traditional look and feel that vintage-lovers lust after is something that I feel totally at home in – I love the way the old seaside towns feel, like nothing has changed or had time to be spoilt by plastic rubbish, arcades and all the rest.imageimage

This trip also gave me a perfect opportunity to try out my new Nikon Coolpix AW110 and spend an afternoon photographing the town. I love photography, but sadly have never had an opportunity to study it, have never really had the time to perfect mine, nor have I had the equipment to really take good quality photographs. I love my new camera and it was about time I replaced my old one so I wasn’t limited just to my iPhone, but I do find myself wondering if I ought to invest in a DSLR or a Go Pro camera ready for travelling next year – I will finally have the time to get into photography and will constantly have incredible subjects on hand to practice on – it could be the perfect opportunity but there is also the expense to consider and the way this will affect my savings for travelling. Any experienced or professional photographers out there want to offer me some advice?



Wells town is beautiful, so picturesque with the harbour filled with boats of all shapes and sizes, little cafes and sweet shops along the front, marshes either side of this tidal river from the beach and a gorgeous walk alongside it to the main beach. I love the way the lobster pots are stored along the harbour and there is huge boat with a pirate flag where you can listen to live music and have drinks. When you walk further into the town, there are countless craft and cute little seaside shops waiting for you to dive into their depths and discover what treasures they hold, plus lots of little restaurants, pubs and cafes line the streets with huge cakes in the windows and a lovely selection of seafood on sale. My favourite part, and what will always stay in my memories of the town, is the image of families sitting along the harbour and trying to catch crabs. We even spotted a few buckets full of shrimps and large crabs next to the more successful families.image

It was a great excuse to spend some time with my mum and dad, who I haven’t seen a huge amount over the last two months – I’ve been at festivals and away most weekends, and they’ve been away holidaying in the Greek Islands for three weeks. So it was nice to have a chilled day with them to catch up properly over a nice lunch and a big walk. For those who haven’t met my dad, he is probably one of the funniest men in the world and my mum isn’t far behind him, so it was a day full of lots of laughs.image

Of course, we headed out of the town and, skipping the train, we walked down to the beach, unfortunately getting caught in a quick shower of rain but soon drying off with a hot chocolate with marshmallows – which burnt my tongue – at the cafe. We headed down on to the beach, and that is when I captured the top photo of the beautiful rainbow over the lifeboat station. Wells beach is lovely, it is very exposed and you can see right out across the water on a sunny day with a clear view of the wind farm over on the Lincolnshire coast. The beach huts line the beach, all painted in stunning bright colours and looking like something from years gone by. Those of you who have been reading for a while will know I have a beach hut of my own at Old Hunstanton and that I took great care in painting it up so it was the cutest beach hut on the beach! Check it out here. So you’ll know that I’m always looking for a little beach hut appreciation and inspiration for our next paint job – check these out for some serious beachy beauties:imageimage

This cutie in particular really caught my eye – I love the detailing on the sign and the ship’s wheels used in the handrails – such a great detail and they really make this one stand out, even if it is one of the smaller ones. After a good stroll along the beach, tripping over sandcastles and watching the kites soaring in the sky above us, we decided to start heading back before the clouds rolled in again. We spotted some boats out at sea on our way back to the path and couldn’t resist a few more photographs.image

I also forgot to mention that earlier in the day, we popped to Wells Deli for a bite to eat, and a great choice it was. The food was fantastic and the cafe was cosy with a great design, I would definitely head back there again. We shared some folded pizzas – not quite calzones but along the same lines – with fillings of barbecue chicken and ham with sweet peppers, and chorizo and olive -all really tasty! And of course, we had to have a cake after seeing the amazing display – I chose a slice of the bourbon and maple pecan pie which looked and tasted delicious. I will definitely be trying to make this one at home!

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image image

Love Norfolk? Have you been to Wells – what’s your favourite part? Love another seaside town – which is your favourite and why?

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  • Hayley-Eszti

    August 31, 2014

    It looks lovely! I’ve never been to Wells. Have you ever been to Blakeney to see the seals? It’s amazing!

  • Polly

    September 4, 2014

    We went to Wells a couple of times (must have been around the same time that you were there), and the EXACT same beach hut stood out to me as well haha! It’s just so gosh darn adorable 🙂

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