I’m so happy to say I’m writing this post from the comfort of my new home, the home I’ve been working towards for the last five months. It’s perfect, more than I ever dared dream we’d be lucky enough to find. At this moment, I’m sitting at the dining table as the sunshine beams in through the open windows and German folk music plays in the background. It’s strange to think but I feel like I’ve really found a new sense of peace in a country I never imagined I would end up living in. There’s just something so soothing about finally getting to live the life you’ve been dreaming of for so long. For those who haven’t yet caught up on the last few weeks – where have you been?! My life has been turned upside down after I left my job, saying goodbye once again to friends and family, and packing my bags for the move to Hamburg.

Don’t worry, I haven’t had a mid-life crisis. This has been in the planning for almost half a year – read more here about my plans to move to Germany – and I’m just glad the day finally arrived. The last few months have been pretty hard going from traveling full-time with the boyfriend on the sunnier side of the world, to living in different countries, working flat out and living through the worst winter I can ever remember hitting the UK. It’s been a shock to the system and there’s definitely been times when I found it really hard to look forward to the end, I found it hard to even see past the end of the week but my boyfriend spurred me on with promises of how great it would be when we had our own place. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being at home to see all of my friends and family, but all being there served to show me was that I really just don’t belong there any more. My life is elsewhere and while I’ll always have a fondness for “home”, my heart and my soul has been called into a new life.

I remember reading a quote several months ago, I have no idea who it was by, but it spoke of how life is not a continual harvest, how sometimes we have to keep our heads down and sow the seeds, be patient and wait for our hard work to pay off. I feel like it so perfectly summed up this situation, in the short term, it sucked. But instead of letting that put us off, it pushed us to work harder, to plan, to prepare for the day when we would finally be able to start the next phase of our life together. When that day finally came, it turned out to be even more special than I had hoped. One of the main reasons I had stayed in the UK for so long is because one of my oldest friends was expecting a baby, the first of my close friends to get pregnant, and I couldn’t stand the thought of being away and not getting to meet her baby girl. She was almost a week overdue, but thankfully baby Rosa arrived just before I was due to leave and on the morning of my flight, I got to have my first cuddles with this gorgeous little girl.Packing was a nightmare. I tell you something – backpacking is easy. Carrying a year’s supply of stuff in a backpack is no problem for me, but when it comes to working out what stuff is vital when moving to a new country and into a new home where you’ll be based for a year – that’s hard. It took me around a week to finish packing and the last items went into the bags just a few hours before my flight – it was stressful. But it did finally give me the opportunity to try out my Revelation! London suitcase – I was sent the Tobago Medium Suitcase to try out, it’s the first PP product from the brand which means it’s extra tough and strong to protect all your possessions but also remains lightweight and easy to manage on long journeys. It has a four-wheel glide with 360 degree rotation which makes it super easy when you’re rushing through the airport weighed down by all that holiday shopping. I was very impressed with the case – after being stuck lugging backpacks around for the last few years, I felt very glam gliding through the airport and it definitely helped keep all the precious items in my baggage safe. I even had glass items bubble wrapped in my case which arrived in perfect condition – thank goodness! I did love the colour, but after one journey the case is covered in scuffs so I don’t think I would go for white luggage again, but it is available in several colours including black, blue and green for just £59 online here – originally retailed at £145. Or, if you’re looking for luggage with a luxury edge, why not check out Tumi at Betty Hemmings?

Finally, after the longest day of my life, I arrived in Germany with the biggest smile on my face, and the boyfriend laughing at me attempting to lug three suitcases through the airport while everyone else just had hand luggage. It was the best feeling in the world to drive to our new home, just ours. To walk through the door and find it just as I had pictured, to find he had already moved all of our furniture in and arranged everything perfectly. I’ve only been here a few days, but that first night here I already had the overwhelming sense that moving to Germany was the second best decision I’ve ever made – the first one was when I first decided to go travelling. I’m a big believer in signs, ask my friends – I drive them nuts talking about them – but I do believe that trusting your gut is the best way to make big decisions. The day I decided to travel the world, I started making decisions based on my gut, trusting it to guide me and since then that’s how I’ve made every decision. My goal for this year was to chase happiness and I think I’m off to a very good start – 2018, you may be my biggest adventure yet!

Have you ever moved abroad – how did you find the experience? What are your goals for the year?