Searching for the perfect denim jeans can be tough. We all just want that perfect peachy silhouette, but whether you're an hourglass, skinny jean, a boot cut or even a kick flare kind of gal – we're all looking for something a little bit different. There are many factors that come into play when buying jeans, like cut, colour, wash, and style, and finding the right combination of these takes some doing. But don’t despair – help is on the way in the form of this quick guide to finding jeans that are right for you.

You have to try on a lot of denim to find the perfect pair for you

If you are on a mission for a new pair of jeans, my first word of advice to you is PATIENCE. Trust me, it’s worth the time and effort to take your time and find a pair of jeans that you are truly happy with. If you manage to find that elusive perfect one, my second piece of advice to you would be to go as wild as you like and buy multiple pairs of them – if it works, it works! Having a spare pair or two in a perfect style will delay the need to go out and buy more jeans even longer – you can even mix up the colour and washes for variety. Denim will never go out of fashion and the perfect pair of jeans that FITS you is a timeless look. If you know you will wear them until they fall apart – it's a great investment!

Forget fashion and pick the timeless pair that flatters your shape

Although following trends is fun, it is far better stay true to what works for you. What works for one person can look completely silly on another, and this often comes down to body type. There's no point trying to wear the tightest skinny jeans that you saw in a magazine if you have a curvy hourglass figure. Instead of trying to conform, show off your figure and highlight your best bits. It's also important to remember that while it's good to know your size – to remember that different styles of denim have different amounts of stretch. So if your usual size doesn't fit in a certain style, don't be afraid to size up or down. Remember, it's not the number on the label that determines your worth.

Pick your size and show off your unique style

Skinny or straight-leg cuts are great jeans for women of a petite build. Petite women can get away with lots of detail of their clothing, like embellishments or dye effects. High-waisted jeans have a way of cinching in your waist and "Mom" jeans are super comfortable for those who like a baggier or relaxed fit. Those lucky taller girls could try out a range of styles – perhaps a flare to add volume and shape? Or a skinnier or even cropped denim looks great in the summer with a nice summery top. While women of a smaller build can also successfully pull off any form of cropped style. Just remember that your style is unique to you – so find a way to make your denim scream your style.

Top tips for choosing your denim

While a little bit of stretch is good, take care that the fabric you choose is not too stretchy, as this will tend to losing its shape more quickly. A medium to heavyweight denim remains the best choice for giving you the structure and comfort you require.

If you take one piece of advice out if this article, let it be this: dress according to your age. While nothing stops you from wearing jeans that were designed for people in their teens. The irony is that, rather than making you appear youthful, the opposite tends to be true. Instead, proudly own your age and dress well for it. Nothing says true style like a great fit, a classic cut and a sassy attitude. These are the three key components to rocking a pair of jeans – far better than following a flimsy fashion trend.

While I would definitely encourage you to go through as many pairs as possible in the process of refining your choices, it is important to be prepared, otherwise you run the risk of getting frustrated quickly. Know your body’s strengths and weaknesses, what you would like to boost and what you would like to camouflage, and the whole process will become that much easier.


(Pic credit: Maria Eklind)