*This dog sitting jobs post is a collaboration with Doggy Dream Team

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I’ve gone gooey over my sister’s new puppy, Mustard the sausage dog (follow: @mustardthesausage). But let’s be honest, my love of dogs predates Mustard by many years. However, one thing I had never thought of was combining my love of dogs with my love of travel. It turns out dog sitting jobs are a great way to travel the world in style, while sticking to your budget. If you’re sick of hostels and lumpy bunkbeds, it could be a perfect way to enjoy a bit of luxury while getting to look after your new furry friends.

How can I get dog sitting jobs?

If this sounds too good to be true, perhaps house and pet sitting could be a great option for you. Along with WWOOFING and house exchanges, it’s a great way to save on accommodation costs when you travel. Not only do you get to stay all over the world for free, but you can look after adorable pets while you do it. Trusted Housesitters offers an annual membership for you to find pet sitting jobs near you, and all over the world. You can put your home and pet on there for those searching for jobs, or you can browse the full range of dog sitting jobs to find the right one for you. Bringing thousands of pet lovers together, the global community has helped pair countless pets with sitters in exchange for a place to stay.

Lucy with Mustard the sausage dog, talking about dog sitting jobs abroad

What is it like to take dog sitting jobs?

Daryl Cygler of Doggy Dream Team first discovered dog sitting after reading an article about a couple who were staying in luxury accommodation, a villa all to themselves in Thailand. Instead of just house sitting, the couple were dog sitting and the luxury villa just happened to come with the job.

He said: “The more I looked into it the more I discovered great places with great accommodation to match. Don’t get me wrong, the focus is clearly on the pets but when you get friendly pets in a lovely house in a great location it just seems to good to be true. Oh and did I mention it was free?

“Now I’m getting a little older and still love to travel – the days of bunk beds in hostel dorms are well and truly over. That is why this presented a great opportunity to enjoy a higher level of accommodation whilst being immersed in local communities. Not only is it completely free, but the trade is your time as a pet-sitter for their accommodation and services. It is a great win–win service for all involved.”

Pet sitting jobs abroad

Would I try pet sitting abroad?

Absolutely! This sounds like a fantastic way to combine having a pet without all of the commitment. For travellers – it’s the best of both worlds! You get to spend a week cuddling a cute dog or cat, get to stay in amazing places for free, and don’t have to spend any more than your annual membership. For those who want a break from hostel life, or just fancy staying somewhere a bit upmarket without splashing the cash, pet sitting or house sitting could save you a fortune. We all know that so much of what makes our travel experiences special are those we share them with, so imagine sharing them with the cutest furry friends you can find. For more cute doggy pics, check out this post.

Have you tried dog sitting jobs abroad? Would you try pet sitting or house sitting?

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