I’m keeping the focus on fashion with a very exciting post today all about my amazing new Radley bag and one of my fave blogging collaborations yet. I remember worrying that moving to Germany might mean missing out on working with brands due to my location. But, this year has been one of my absolute best yet for special blogging projects and having the opportunity to work with a brand I have always admired will always be such an amazing reward for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of this blog. In the interests of transparency, in this post I will be styling up a beautiful product from Radley London which was gifted to me in exchange for the post. Naturally all opinions remain my own and I will only ever endorse products that I genuinely love and that I think you guys would love as well. And let’s be honest, is there anyone out there who couldn’t appreciate the beauty of a seriously luxe Radley handbag?Celebrating six months and styling the Radley bagRadley Bag, Hill House

Styling the Radley bag

As someone who spends all her money on travel, often I have to sacrifice spending money on expensive clothes or handbags, but it doesn’t mean I don’t lust after luxury items. Radley London are one of those brands, one that has been an institution with a seriously classic style that I’ve admired for years. I’ve always been the kind of girl who gets a handbag and really loves it, instead of changing it up every week, I’ll wear a bag all season. I picked out the Hill House Medium Multiway Compartment Grab Bag from the collection, embracing the sports luxe look with this gorgeous leather bag. It was hard to choose but in the end I felt this was the Radley bag that fitted best wth my style, not only was it simple and elegant, but practical with the longer strap and several compartments. I love that it can be smart for work, or also works with more laid back looks for the weekend, and it hasn’t left my side since it was delivered. The striped strap makes a bold statement with the white leather, while still remaining chic and elegant with the fine gold detailing and the iconic Radley dog charm.Autumn blogger picsAbsolutely Lucy with Hill House bagI styled up the bag with this leopard print H&M slip (€19.99) and teal jumper (€24.99), and an old pair of Primark chunky heels. For those who are looking to shop the Radley bag, you’re in luck and the Hill House style is actually reduced at the moment, retailing at £229, it has now been reduced to £137, so now is the time to treat yourself! It’s the perfect-sized Radley bag for keeping all my essentials in it, my camera, phone, purse and some make-up, the perfect blogger’s essential.Celebrating six months and styling the Radley bag

Happy Hamburg Anniversary

This week marks my six month anniversary of living in Hamburg. These last six months have been some of the hardest of my life. After travelling solo for more than three years, I uprooted my whole life, changed my travel plans and moved to Germany! In the last six months, I found a new job in a new industry and was offered a promotion within two months at the company. I traveled for a month around Europe in the van I converted into a camper and drank a hell of a lot of coffee.Radley Bag

Do you love luxe handbags as much as I do? What style would you choose? What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Absolutely Lucy