Self-Care & Wellness

One of my favourite topics and one that covers so many important things – self-care and wellness has been a huge focus of my life over the last few years. Everything from choosing a life that helps you bloom and be the best you can be, to surrounding yourself with people who raise you up. This is such an important factor in your wellbeing and I talk a lot about the importance of creating an environment where you can flourish and be genuinely happy.

Finding positivity through self- care & wellness

This comes in the form of taking time out to regroup, finding positivity, looking after your own wellbeing and slowing down. I’ve got posts on all of these topics, plus how to heal after domestic violence and why it’s okay to take time out from life. We don’t always have to be productive to be good humans and while it’s great to have goals, this can also be a huge hindrance to feeling good.

Talking travel self-care

I’m all about staying fit and healthy on the road – after all, how we move and what we put in our bodies is a huge factor in how we feel. I share my best health tips, ways to avoid getting sick when travelling and how to cope if you do get sick on holiday. Read about the health and fitness lifestyle that works for me – now that may not work for everyone. I always advise you see a doctor or seek professional advice before making major changes to your diet or fitness regime. This is simply what works for me.

If you’re travelling full time, or even if you’re at home. Check out my blog posts for practical tips for being kinder to yourself and surrounding yourself with love. Get advice from someone who has been there and who has felt lonely. I’ve been heartbroken and so stressed I would cry in the toilets at work. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve come out the other side with a smile on my face.