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I've just picked up my ticket for tonight's draw and it seemed a perfect opportunity to share my bucket list trips for if I actually won! It's something we all dream of – that financial security and opportunity to live our best lives worry-free. Imagine being able to travel the globe without the constant thought of work in the back of your mind. What about finally being able to book that dream trip and go all out with luxury hotels and the most expensive tours? As we get older, not travelling enough is always the regret that hangs over so many of us. So why wouldn't we want to prioritise travel if we had that golden ticket? Lottoland provides you with the opportunity to win your favourite games which could set you up to win as much as the winner of each lottery draw. Instead of entering, you bet on the result and if you have the matching numbers, you could win more money than you can dream of. No more would travel mean budgeting and saving, instead you'd be able to go anywhere you please, no matter what the cost.

Charter a Superyacht

A superyacht is a luxury yacht built with state of the art accommodations and designed with one thing in mind – to provide the guests on board with their every desire. Everything about this tour is up to you. You select the travel dates and you decide the destination. Some of the most popular destinations are:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Tahiti

The ship comes with ample services. You and each of your guests will have private quarters. The rooms are warm and comfortable. With this tour, you have personal guides who are experts in the area. Your guests have the same great care you are given. Food, drinks, snacks, music, activities, and any other detail that you want is meticulously created per your instruction. Every cabin has a view of the sea. If a yacht isn't quite your style, why not try booking one of the many cruising sailboats available?

Touring Australia

It could take months to tour Australia. It is a massive country. But you can take a tour to the most exciting parts of Australia, including:

  • Sydney
  • Tasmania
  • The Great Barrier Reef & Queensland's coast
  • Uluru & the Red Centre
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia

Of course, you can add or remove any city you want. Most tour companies will create an Australian vacation that you and your guests will never forget. They can do this because they own a few seaplanes, yachts, helicopters, and luxury jets. They also work with (only) the best experts in the areas they travel to. If there is something you want on your trip, you will have it.

Luxury Train Trip

In the not too distant past, travel by train was the way to go. Built originally in the late 1800s, people with money would rather take a train than a horse and buggy. Even in more modern times, many people travel by train. Sometimes it’s the most effective and the only way to get around. But, you probably do not immediately think of train travel when you think of a luxury trip. The "Orient Express" was a long-distance passenger train service created in 1883 and it was synonymous with luxury. Over the years, the train has been a hotbed for celebrities, royalty and even spies! The train featured parlour cars, sleeping cars, and gourmet meals served in elaborate dining cars until World War II put a stop to this. After stopping service in 1977, the carriages were bought and restored by a millionaire, James Sherwood, who relaunched the Orient Express in 1982. Today you can experience the original luxury with the modern comforts you enjoy, on a trip designed by you.

Fiji’s Laucala Island COVID hide-away

COVID has put a strain on all of us. Who would not want to take their family and friends to a completely private island that has every luxury known to man? Who wouldn't trade their masks and X’s on the department store floors for a white, sandy beach and hour-long spa treatments? This trip to Laucala Island includes charter flights on Fiji Airways’ Airbus A350. The group can be up to 20-people and you must book a minimum of 7-nights on the island.

This tropical island is an unspoiled gem of the South Seas, The island is designed with 25 luxury residences, each with a view of beauty and each with total privacy. But, the residences and all other buildings were designed to protect nature. Many of the foods prepared at the resort are grown on the island, and the people who care for the guests live on the island. When they say you are cared for, they mean it. Your happiness is important to them.

  • Diving – inner reef and snorkelling
  • Scuba diving
  • Sailing (catamarans & sailboats)
  • Jet skis & Jet boat (waterskiing, tubes, wakeboarding)
  • Underwater scooters
  • Windsurfing
  • Tennis
  • Biking

These are just a few of the destinations you can visit if you win a big prize and suddenly have money to burn. But there are more. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. As they say, just about everything has its price. So, enjoy your dreams. One day, you might be able to make them all come true.

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