IMG_7030I don’t think you get anywhere in life without putting yourself out there. Whether we’re talking careers, relationships or even winning the lottery – if you don’t put something out into the world, it can never come back to you. I’ve been working really hard on making my blog the best it can be this year and it has paid off – I was even chosen as The Blog Guide’s Blogger of the Week just the other day! So with that in mind, I took a chance and decided to enter the National UK Blog Awards 2015. I don’t know about you guys, but I love my blog and I’m extremely proud of it. I can’t believe how much it has grown in the last year and I’ve never been happier I started a project, because Absolutely Lucy has turned out to be a life-changer for me. Writing about and sharing my life with you guys has made me realise how much I do love it. It has given me a new focus, it has seen me through some tough times, it has given me the confidence to make a huge life-changing decision to quit my job and go travelling alone, it has opened me up to a whole world of blogging and has made me some amazing new friends who have become a big part of my life. I can’t thank everyone who has supported and advised me through each stage enough – every single one of your comments, likes, shares and kind words has meant the world to me and has powered me on to write more.

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The National UK Blog Awards are an opportunity for bloggers of all levels to be recognised for their hard work and effort over the year. It recognises industry professionals across a range of different specialities and areas from food and travel, to lifestyle, fashion and more. Anyone can enter, or nominate a blog they particularly love, and after hearing about the awards not long after setting up my blog a year ago – I kept it in mind as a goal to build up enough of a following to justify entering. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really thought about the likelihood of winning – it is a honour enough to be entered among an incredible range of bloggers, some of whom inspired me to start writing.

The theme of this year’s blogging awards is BE BOLD and that, more than anything else, was what inspired me to enter. As I mentioned, and as my regular readers will know, this year I made a pretty huge decision to leave my job and travel the world… alone. It wasn’t the easiest decision, or the easiest thing to plan for, but I am fairly certain it will be the best decision I have made yet in my life – and I haven’t even left the country yet! I made a bold choice and took a big risk – I have yet to see if it will pay off – but one of the big reasons I had the confidence and the drive to take that chance was because of blogging. Absolutely Lucy has made me see the world in a different light, it has made me realise it’s unnecessary to see outside the box if you refuse to be stuck in one. It has made me realise that my life is an open book and that I want to write a story that is worth telling – I want my life to be a page turnerand the only way to make that happen is to live every moment to the fullest, to take risks and not to let anything stand in the way of your dreams. I could have worried about what people would think when I started blogging, but I just focused on my love of writing and it has paid off. So how better to continue with blogging than by putting myself out there once more and asking for your support?


The voting opened on Monday and I am now asking for all you wonderful people who read my blog, and who have supported me this far, to cast a quick vote for Absolutely Lucy in the National UK Blog Awards 2015. It will only take you a moment to vote and will mean the world to me that you have taken the time to vote, regardless of whether I actually make it through to the next stage or not. I have entered in two categories – the Lifestyle and Travel sections – as you guys will know I cover both areas and plan to cover even more travel when I start my backpacking trip in January. You can vote for me once in each category so I would really appreciate if you would vote twice as I could be in with a chance of being shortlisted in either category! Click both of the links below and cast your votes – I’ll be sending you LOTS of good karma as you vote <3



*Once you have entered your email address and name to cast your vote, you will receive a confirmation email which you will need to follow the instructions of.

Thank you so much for your support – and if you fancy sharing this with your friends and family, it would mean the world to me!

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