Every traveler knows the classic journey from novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, but modern times have helped speed up this journey. Now this epic journey would involve 70 train journeys taking place over 31 days, and a new guide has been created to chart the journey. Recreating the magic of the journey from the classic Jules Verne novel, travelling by either car, train, boat or plane.

Using realistic courses across the globe, now travelers can compare the distance, time and even transport taken by the inspirational character, Phileas Fogg. Almost 150 years after the book was first published, now adventurers can recreate the route taken by the character to relive his story.

Around the world in 80 hours – recreating the journey

Starting and finishing in London, the amazing guide has every detail including the mileage, stops and time it would take for each stretch of the journey. The extensive planner even offers options for any deviation from the original travel method. Created by Betway, the research has shown the fastest way to recreate the famous route is by plane which would take just 3.3 days – or 80 hours – to cover the 27,788 miles from London. But this version of the route would also mean changing the original route due to stopovers. As well as an additional three trains in order to finish the journey.

Sailors could cover the 28,413 miles in 72 days by boat. This beats Phileas’ time but is still a lot slower than travelling by train and car. Sailing would take 41 more days than travelling by train, and 48 days more than driving. If you’re looking to stay traditional and stick closely to the original route. Choosing car or boat is your best option as it will only require an alternative three times in the whole journey. But choosing to travel by train could mean deviating from the route 21 times due to restricted rail line development in the Middle East.

Check out this infographic

While Phileas’ original route covered an impressive 40,765 miles, the maximum distance travellers will need to cover today is 31,925 miles by car. This distance is closely followed by boat with 28,413 miles, train with 35,547 and finally plane with 27,788. Find full details below in this great infographic: