About Absolutely Lucy:

Award-winning travel blogger
who is taking on the world one country at a time.

Absolutely Lucy in the lavender fields


Find out more about Absolutely Lucy – her motivations, inspirations and, of course, her adventures. Let this solo female adventure travel blog be the guide you’ve been waiting for.

This is the blog for the twenty-something traveller who has spent far too long sitting in a dreary office daydreaming of sunshine-filled beaches, jungle adventures and endless waterfalls. Four years ago, I was in exactly the same spot stuck in a job and a nine-year relationship that didn’t appreciate me. Fuelled by my incessant wanderlust, I decided enough was enough – it was time to escape everything I knew and see the world. I booked a year-long trip around Asia, Australia and New Zealand, ended my relationship and quit my job. Five years later, I’m still travelling and this nomadic life has become everything to me.

After five years of backpacking solo across three continents and taking the time to get to know myself, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve got a notebook full of stories to tell and I’ve found love and happiness in the strangest places. I’ve lived all over the world, in places such as Australia, Thailand and even Germany – experiencing life as an expat and creating an expat community of over 200 people. This year I’m planning some of my biggest travels yet and can’t wait to bring you along!

I know not everyone has the luxury of doing what I did, so I’m all about finding ways to travel that will fit in with your life – whether that means taking a year out to backpack across the world, two week summer holidays or a cheeky weekend away. It could be a four-day festival in the UK, or a three-month trip to Thailand, I write about it all and how to make your travel dreams a reality to suit your budget.


Freelance journalist, editor and travel blogger based in Cambridge, UK, but currently travelling the world and available for work on all sides of the globe.

For general / work / booking inquiries please contact me at hello@absolutelylucy.com or read more here.

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