Travelling can be an eye-opening and life-changing experience, so it is easy to see why people of all ages plan adventurous expeditions to places all over the world. The difficulty is that travel can be very expensive, especially if you are planning a long trip and costs can quickly spiral. With this in mind, this article will offer a few tips to save money on travelling that will help make it more affordable while still ensuring that you have an incredible adventure.

Plan Ahead

First, you should plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to prepare and get your money in order. It is a good idea to set up a savings account specifically for your trip so that you can top this up in the run-up to your trip so that you have enough to cover the costs during your time away. You can even earn a little extra with a savings account by earning money on the interest.

Opt for Cheaper Accommodation

One of the major expenses when travelling is accommodation. The good news is that there are always ways to make savings on your accommodation, which could make a big difference when it comes to the total cost of your trip. Instead of booking into hotels, take a look at hostels as these are much cheaper and can be a great way to meet new people. Sofa surfing is another good way to make savings on your accommodation. You do not have to stay in a hostel or sofa surf for every night while you are away, but opting for one of these options instead of checking into an expensive hotel will be a smart way to make savings.

Learn How to Haggle

You will find that haggling is not only accepted but often expected in many places overseas, so you want to brush up on your skills before you leave. It might be intimidating at first, but you can have some fun with haggling once you have done it a few times and it is amazing the savings that you can make when you know how to strike a good deal. Of course, you cannot haggle on everything, but there will be many purchases where you should haggle, such as shopping at a market or buying a souvenir.

The advice in this post should help you to make savings for your big adventure. Travel can enrich your life in many ways and it is something that everyone can benefit from, but the costs can be high when travelling, particularly if you are going away for a long time. There are always ways to make savings, though, with the above being a few of the best options that could make a big difference to your travel finances.

It’s no surprise that Paris is one of the most-visited cities in the world year after year; the city is host to some of the most well-known attractions in the world and boasts picturesque views for keen photographers to take advantage of. There’s so much to do here in Paris, meaning it can be difficult to produce an ample itinerary if you are staying here for a shorter duration. Here, we relieve you of this dilemma, providing some of our favourite suggestions when planning a trip to Paris.

Cruise along the Seine River

One of the most popular experiences in Paris is to take a cruise along the Seine. Depending on what you expect from your trip, there are multiple options available - you can choose between a sightseeing cruise, a dinner cruise or a lunch cruise. This is a fantastic way to see Paris in a short timeframe, with most tours taking you past landmarks like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. Other famous buildings and bridges can be seen from the river, allowing visitors to gain some good insight into the history of the city and its impressive architecture. Deciding on the right tour for you can be difficult given the surfeit of options, so it’s best you carefully look at the reviews left for each tour to find some recommendations before you decide to book.

Climb the Eiffel Tower

If you don’t visit the Eiffel Tower during your trip to Paris, then you haven’t done it properly. The iconic monument was first constructed in the 1880s for the World Fair in 1889. At first, the majority of the population actually disliked the design, which may seem surprising given it is now one of the most recognised buildings in the whole of the world. Word of advice, get here early in the morning if you want to beat the crowds, as it can become busy later on. You can also choose to scale the Eiffel Tower and experience the panoramic views from the top – do note that this should be booked beforehand, especially if you are wanting a guided tour.

Visit Ô Chateau

This is one of the best locations in Paris to attend a wine-tasting class or be served an assortment of the finest wines and cheese France has to offer. The selection here changes weekly, meaning each outing is unique and a brand-new experience in itself. The servers here are highly generous with their measurements and the selection of food is more than plentiful. The ideal time to visit would be during lunchtime, as the menu is typically cheaper and you can discover the history of wine-making in France.

Take a tour of the Paris Sewer Museum

Whilst an excursion through the sewers in Paris may not seem like the luxury experience you had in mind; it’s not what you’d expect. The sewers are perfectly safe for visitors and are much more sanitary than they were a few centuries ago. Not far from the Eiffel Tower, the tunnels beneath the city tell the tale of how modern-day Paris came to be. Prior to an efficient drainage system, waste from the area seeped into the river and polluted the area, leaving the citizens there at risk of developing disease. Once these issues were trounced, the health of the residents improved and trade increased, leading to the development of the city we see today.

All that’s left to do now is organise your Paris airport transfer for when you arrive and book your accommodation – whilst transport in the city is fairly easy to use and frequent, finding somewhere to stay in the centre of the city will ensure you are able to spend more time exploring Paris. Have you been to Paris before and would recommend other places to visit? Let us know in the comments!

I've found the ultimate fright night experience for you this spooky season, it's PrimEvil, and after attending the press night launch, I've got the low-down on how to survive this terrifying scare event. Love horror? Want to get your pulse-racing this Halloween? I was invited along to test out the East of England's top scare attraction as it enters its 13th year. Prepare for 13 nights of terror and twisted fun, including 5 haunts that are not for the faint hearted. You're still here? Sounds like you might be brave enough to try and take on the ultimate fright night, adrenaline pumping, scream-inducing, get the heart-racing event.

Right now you might be quivering with anticipation, but soon it will be fear coursing through your veins as you fight to survive against zombies, circus acts with murderous intent and many more. Explore The Crypt, Route 666, the Circus of Horror and the Mayhem Manor Hotel, plus the brand new Hell's Hollow attraction. Expect a night of hysterical, nervous laughter and screams as you try to predict where the next fright will come looming out of the darkness. The question is – would you dare to take on PrimEvil, the ultimate fright night?

How to survive PrimEvil - the ultimate fright night

Put on a spooky playlist

The best way to get into the Halloween spirit, put on a playlist of your favourite spooky anthems for the journey. We blasted them on the way home and sang along but it would definitely help build the anticipation for the fright night ahead.

Get there early for a zombie welcome

PrimEvil is held at ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure which is not far from Norwich. The event is open 6pm, with last entry at 9pm, then all bars, haunts and food vendors close at 11pm. We arrived at 6pm and didn't leave until nearly 11pm. It's a full evening and to complete all the haunts and enjoy a drink, you'll need every last second. Plus if you arrive at 6pm when the park  opens, you get a flaming zombie welcome in the queues which just sets the tone of the night. There's also lots of entertainment, 100 scare actors throughout the park and new circus street performances provided by Ruby Flames. So there's plenty to keep you entertained (or petrified) all night long.

Skip the fast passes – the real fun is in the queues

There are fast track and VIP entry passes available which give you extras such as free drinks, unlimited fast-track entry to haunts and other benefits. But I would actually recommend skipping the fast passes and just joining the queues, even if they are a little longer. With 100 scare actors roaming around the grounds, you never know whether you might meet a zombie, the ghost of a prostitute, a demonic circus act or be chased by a guy with a chainsaw. Honestly, it was horrifying and hilarious from start to finish. Check out my Youtube video to see what I mean!

Absolutely Lucy goes to PrimEvil fright night event at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure in Norfolk

Head to The Crypt first

This was a great tip we were given on arrival – we skipped a walkabout and instead headed straight to The Crypt which can get mega-queues later on. We whizzed straight in and barely waited 15 minutes compared to people later in the night who queued for over an hour. It was a great first haunt and really set the tone for the fright night. If you swing by, be sure to say hi to the creepy zombie guy with a severed foot he fondly calls Derek. The Crypt is the height of anticipation and creepy wanderings – don't forget to hang on to the person in front.

Challenge yourself with some frightful activities

It's not just haunts at PrimEvil's scare event, why not get your heart racing with their challenging events – if you're brave enough. If you have fast track or VIP tickets, the Predator High Ropes are already included, you can also try your hand at Zombie Archery and Axe Throwing for a small fee. It might be your only way to survive this frightful event, particularly when you get chased through the terrifying scare mazes.

Go first – if you dare

Don't be the scaredy cat who hides at the back of the queue. Haven't you ever seen a horror film? They're always the first to be picked off by the murderer. As terrifying as it is to be the sacrificial lamb, putting yourself at the front means that while you'll be the first to be picked on, you might also stand the best chance of outrunning the evil souls who lurk at PrimEvil. Prepare for sudden shocks, loud noises, disorientating illusions and terrifying shocks and surprises around every corner.

Absolutely Lucy with a scare actor at PrimEvil fright night and top scare attraction in Norfolk

Pick up a spooky cocktail

Need something to calm your nerves? Head to the food & drink vendors at PrimEvil for momentary relief and sustenance as you fight to survive the night. I couldn't be sure whether the burgers were beef or simply the ground up bodies of the previous night's victims, so I stuck to the veggie option. Definitely head to Junkyard Cocktails for a syrupy sweet potion that's sure to put you on high alert. Make sure you fuel up before heading to your next haunt, you'll need energy to run for your life!

Always check behind you

If you really want to survive this horrifying fright night, make sure to always check over your shoulder. Whether you're walking through the woods, or heading into a haunt. You never know who might be lurking in the darkness, behind a tree or about to jump out of a painting. I can't give anything away, but I will say that the biggest scares always come when you least expect it. So don't let your guard down and keep a watchful eye when exploring PrimEvil.

Finish with Mayhem Manor Hotel

The perfect way to end the night – this one was definitely the scariest and biggest adrenaline rush. I have never seen my boyfriend jump as much as he did while leading the way for our group. Mayhem Manor Hotel is a teeth-chattering, nerve-wracking fright night experience from start to finish. We also had some of the best scares from zombies and psychos while we waited in the queue. Would you dare?

PrimEvil is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit and runs until 31st October. Click to book tickets and find out more.


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Exercise is naturally a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, with many of us in the UK devoting not-insignificant amounts of time to gym classes, running and other kinds of exercise in the battle to keep fit. But forming exercise habits are also uniquely difficult, as New Year’s resolutions quickly fall by the wayside and gym subscriptions go unused. What can you do to stick to a good gym routine?

Source the Right Kit

It is well-understood that high-quality equipment does not an expert exerciser make – but getting the right gym kit is still crucial to ensuring you get the most out of your new gym regime. Old, uncomfortable trainers will not inspire you to get running or Stairmaster-ing, just as old and itchy workout clothes are more likely to make you feel baggy than energised.

By investing in the right kit, whether some new, comfortable loose-fitting clothes or a matching sportswear set, you can invest in your own comfort and self-esteem. By rocking a powerful and practical ensemble, you can embolden yourself to tackle your session that little bit harder. You may also find yourself ready to go a bit more often, too!

If You’re Not Having Fun…

Fun is often overlooked as a factor in exercising. There are those for whom the effort and eventual gain is reward enough, but a great many people ditch the gym simply because they aren’t getting anything out of it but discomfort and even pain.

The key, then, is to find the exercises and gym classes that inspire you. Exercise doesn’t need to be drudgery; find something that exhilarates you, or that engages your brain in the right way. There has been a recent trend in indoor climbing, with new bouldering gyms cropping up and subscription rates on the rise; this is because climbing is an effective workout, a fun activity and a mental exercise as much as a physical one.

You may not be much of a climber yourself, but is there an activity or discipline that speaks to you more than plugging away at the rowing machine? Of course, more stimulating activities like these usually come with new challenges and risks; where you might be perfectly comfortable lifting weights in glasses, for activities like bouldering you should swap your glasses for contact lenses to avoid injury. Clothing, again, is important here – without the right fit for your activity, you could hurt yourself.

Keep Track of Progress

Last but certainly not least, it is important to keep track of your progress as you continue to visit the gym. If you do not have proper metrics for growth, or do not know quite what ‘success’ looks like with regard to your own personal health journey, you are much more likely to lose heart in your gym habit and drop off your plan.

Keep score each time you go, with short-term goals for each session and an over-arching long term goal. This goal could be as simple as being able to perform one full pull-up, or it could as grand as aiming to lose a certain amount of weight. It could even simply be to maintain a level of strength – the choice is yours!

With bursting fruit flavors and seductive pink color, Rose Champagne enjoys growing popularity among all Champagne lovers in the world. Elegant and enticing bubbles, followed by rich complexity and finesse, Rose Champagne is extremely versatile and food-friendly, excellent for summer celebrations, or to be enjoyed on the beach. 

Rose Champagne is a powerful blend of Pinot Noir which gives powerful structure, Chardonnay which derives unique elegance, and hints of Menuier for delicate fruitiness. 

Brut Rose Champagne offers both light freshness and intense complexity at the same time. A wonderful choice for many occasions. 

Gonet Brut Rose

With more than two centuries of winemaking history, the Gonet Champagne estate has seven generations of Champagne makers with excellent quality and a high reputation. The Champagne house has 40 hectares of vineyards in the Côte des Blancs, the cradle of Grand Crus. The vineyards grow 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir grapes in a special terroir and chalky soil.

The Côte des Blancs has a unique and exceptional climate, with a wonderful hill protecting the vines from the cold north winds, while the south slopes are cushioned from the rainfalls into the valley.

In enology, these conditions create the perfect terroir for growing this kind of grape variety and honor the Gonet vineyard with a Grand Cru classification. 

Champagne Michel Gonet Brut Rose is made of 100% Pinot Noir grapes, with a seductive copper color and vibrant nose. Intense fruit flavors with delicious juicy strawberries and raspberries. Long and lingering finish, with ending notes of brioche and butter due to the long cellared bottles. Enticing and long-lasting bubbles, excellent with tuna, salmon, or grilled pork dishes. 

Champagne Larmandier Bernier Premier Cru

Larmandier estate owns 15 hectares of vineyards in the Côte des Blancs which are farmed following a biodynamic approach in the last few decades. The grapes are carefully hand-harvested, without using chemicals like pesticides or herbicides. It is a 100% Pinot Noir Rose Champagne with an elegant, light pink color obtained by the first grape drainage. The process continues with fermentation in tanks or concrete egg-shaped fermenters, followed by aging on the lees for a whole year. Next, the bottle spends two more years in the cellar before going on the market. 

Champagne Larmandier Bernier Rose de Saignee Premier Cru is a unique mélange of creamy cherry pie, cinnamon, and strawberry tarts, with a touch of smoked and spicy paprika. The nose is full of enchanting scents of orange peel and red berries, on the palate, there is a soft delicate mousse of small bubbles, vinous and complex, with elegant structure, excellent as an aperitif or a companion to roast chicken dishes, cured meat, seafood or aged cheese. 

Duval-Leroy Rose Premier Cru

In 2019, the united brand Duval and Leroy celebrated their 160th anniversary of successful cooperation. After her husband`s death in 1991, Carol Duval-Leroy is in the saddle of the company and is the first and unique female president of the Champenoise Viticultural Association. 

This prestigious Rosé Premier Cru is made of exclusive Premier Crus and Grand Crus 35 to 45 years old vines. The vinification process includes maceration of Pinot Noir grapes from Montagne de Reims with Chardonnay varieties from Côte des Blancs. A small amount of Pinot Meunier is also added for extra complexity, delicacy, and grace.

Champagne Duval-Leroy Rose Prestige Premier Cru has a seductive pale copper color, with extra silky bubbles, and with a touch of raspberry and cranberry aromas. Also, you can find the scent of nutmeg, white flowers, and green herbs. It has fine and abundant bubbles, excellent with chicken and salmon or some tuna tartare.

EPC Rose Extra Brut Premier Cru

Edouard Roy chose a group of enology and winemaking experts to launch a modern startup EPC. The company strives on producing high-quality Champagne, creating a good reputation and offering excellent quality for the price.

Coming from Vertus winegrowers` cooperative this Champagne EPC Premier Cru Extra Brut Rose consists mostly of Chardonnay and a small amount of Pinot Noir, which is then left aging for two years. 

Amazing, fruit-forward Champagne, with an exquisite freshness and seductive light pink color. It has bright notes of ripe pomegranate, apple, and strawberry. Well balanced, with powerful bubbles and rounded acidity. Vibrant and refreshing, EPC Rose Champagne is a fair companion to hearty fish such as sardines or mackerel. Extra hint: the back of the bottle contains an indicator that turns blue when the Champagne reaches the perfect temperature. Excellent value for the cost. 

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