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9 unique places to stay on your next traveling adventureFeatured

I’ve stayed in some amazingly unique places throughout my years of traveling. From treehouses and safari camps, to eco-lodges and 5* luxury hotels designed like palaces. It’s an experience that can take a holiday to the next level, turning it…

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What’s it really like to move to a country where you don’t speak the language? | TravelFeatured

These are the questions I’ve heard again, and again, and again since coming to Germany. Do you speak German? How will you manage? Can you get a job if you don’t speak German? Isn’t it lonely? I’m not going to…

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Heading on an epic 3 week European road trip adventure | TravelFeatured

I’ve been desperately trying to hold myself back from posting this one until now, but now it’s finally time to share our exciting travel plans with you all! I’ve hinted on social media but held back the final itinerary while…

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