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Backpacking | My ultimate girl’s packing guide for a long-term trip in Asia & Australia

I used to love packing for a holiday – the time spent planning my wardrobe, the purchasing of sun lotion and beach towels. Those final moments trying to make everything fit and realising there’s just no way you’ll squeeze in…

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Travel | 5 amazing massages you must experience when travelling Asia

I may have been living on a budget since arriving in Australia, but travelling through Asia, there was something I never scrimped on. Even when we’ve given up all our worldly possessions in favour of a super-saver life on the…

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Backpacking | Top 10 most useful items I packed for travelling

Packing is one of the hardest parts of preparing to go travelling. In your mind you dream of gallivanting on a beach with your slender, tanned frame draped in gorgeous, floaty fabrics looking like something out of an advert for…

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