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Travel | 5 amazing massages you must experience when travelling Asia

I may have been living on a budget since arriving in Australia, but travelling through Asia, there was something I never scrimped on. Even when we’ve given up all our worldly possessions in favour of a super-saver life on the…

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Relationships | Why it can be great to start a New Year single

Christmas and New Year are definitely some of those times when people really start to think about their relationship status – a bit like the post-Christmas bloat, it’s something that hangs over every festive party and moment under the mistletoe….

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Backpacking | 10 reasons travel makes you the most body confident you will ever be

When we think of backpackers, we definitely have two very different images in our minds – some of us might have a rather rose-tinted view of sun kissed limbs stretched out on the beach in skimpy bikinis watching on as…

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