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Melbourne | The magic of Rainbow Serpent Festival

I waited a whole year to experience the magic of Rainbow Serpent Festival. I arrived in Melbourne this time last year, just three days after this incredible festival took place, I was devastated to have missed it but having been…

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Australia, Festival Reviews, Festivals/Gigs, Foreign Travel, Gigs, Travel, Victoria

Melbourne | Partying at St Kilda Festival & White Night | Australia

One of the things I love the most about Melbourne is that there is always something going on. It’s a lively city full of hidden gems and quirky, unusual events and I’ve already lost track of how many unexpected treats I’ve…

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Travel | #SendMeAway to Eastern Europe’s music festivals

As the former editor of This Festival Feeling, and an avid festival goer – my mind never strays far from the topic. I’ve now spent over a year backpacking around Asia and Australia, but haven’t yet been to a festival!…

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