No matter where I travel, one of my absolute must-have items will always be my headphones. I never leave home without them, whether it’s my morning commute to work or a year-long backpacking trip, they are vital to keeping me sane on the long journeys and cancelling out unwanted noise. I’m a huge fan of Spotify playlists, meditation music and lately, I’m also getting into a few podcasts, plus, naturally, travel time is always a perfect opportunity to catch up on all my favourite Youtubers. I’m a firm believer that travel time shouldn’t be wasted and listening to these or even watching Netflix is a much better use of my time than simply sitting there and waiting for that bus ride to be over. Plus, I’ve found that as someone who used to suffer from travel sickness on buses and boats, listening to music is a great way to balance my inner ear and to distract me from feeling nauseous.

Choosing the perfect headphones can be tricky when there are so many different styles to choose from, but by picking out the key features that are important to you, it becomes much easier to identify your perfect style. For instance, asking questions like whether you prefer earphones or headphones and whether size is an issue for storage when you travel, can help narrow it down. Perhaps wireless headphones might be a better option for you, or noise-cancelling ones, which can be a lifesaver on long flights when there is a screaming child sitting behind you. Then there is the question of budget and whether you prefer brand names or more independent styles – all important things to take into consideration.

I personally have found that over the years I have fluctuated between huge headphones which are great for running at the gym and noise cancelling, when I am at home and storage is not an issue. However, when it comes to travelling, I’ve decided that space-saving is key and usually I will sacrifice on noise cancelling and bigger models for more compact earphones which are also great for squeezing into even the most tightly packed back, and still work well for the gym. These work well for me and I tend to experiment by buying different brands in order to find the most hard-wearing and long-lasting, currently my House of Marley earphones have actually survived the washing machine and are still working just as well as ever, so I’m pretty impressed with these!