Summer is the favourite time of year of many people. From longer, brighter days, to breezy, simple clothing choices, summer is a time for enhanced opportunities. Luckily, this also applies to your wardrobe – summer is an excellent excuse to switch up your style and test out some fun new fashions.

Bring Some Heat

Looking to bring some heat or spice into your life? Summer is the best time to introduce more daring or risque fashions into your wardrobe which you might have been a little shy to try on a day to day basis.

The longer, warmer days can herald a kind of mental renaissance where it becomes collectively more acceptable to ‘dare to bare’. This applies to showing all skin – not just cleavage – things like midriff, legs, and even shoulders finally get a chance to break free of their wintered constraints.

If you’re on a mission to keep things a bit more interesting than the standard ‘beach girl’ vibe, look to more urban, modern cues for inspiration. Perspex boots are an ideal way to bring some heat, while still being high fashion – and both work and club appropriate.    

..But Don’t Forget To Keep Your Cool

Fabrics also play an important part in any summer sartorial switch. While winter allows the luxe natural materials such as leather and suede to shine, summer means it’s silk and linen season.

Silk is a versatile and glamourous thread which can be made into a huge array of garments and accessories. Silk scarves are a perennial favourite for holidays on the Med (or for anyone who wants to look like they’ve just stepped off a plane fresh from Nice). They’re also easily integrated into an existing wardrobe, and can provide a pop of summer colour and style into even the most stiffened shirt collar.

Linen is also having its day in the sun. Splashed about on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York are multi-hued linen pants and shell tops. As with a silk scarf, a linen separate is easily incorporated into an existing wardrobe, and will allow you to feel light, well ventilated, and just a little bit fancy wherever your day may lead you.

Get Loose

Summer is also a great time to experiment with fit and proportion. Loose silhouettes can really provide the comfort and relaxed charm which makes summer special. Look for structured tops with clever darts and tucks – these will help looser cuts to sit perfectly against your figure without drowning you in fabric.  

Conversely, fitted shorts and skirts can provide a great counterpoint to relaxed garments and will help lend a sense of overall balance to an outfit. Denim is a natural fabric choice, though satin, linen and pure cotton are also light and easy choices.

Roll With It

Packing for a holiday? Summer holidays are another reason why so many people count down the days until warmth arrives. If you’re going to be taking a trip with any new clothing (or purchasing it en route) it’s always wise to pack and store it properly so that it arrives in the best possible condition.

Many summer-friendly fabrics such as linen and silk are known to crease easily. To negate the risk of looking shabby on your next summer trip, try this easy trick: get rolling! Fold your clothing items minimally, and instead of tucking them into a bag, gently roll them into tube shaped piles. This trick will free up bag space (bonus) and it will also mean you arrive in your destination with your best and brightest clothing ready to wear.

Switching your style up for the summer is a fun and simple way to bring back the joy into your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors, head on an overseas adventure, or simply catch up with friends, amping your style up a notch will help you to ensure you have the best summer yet.

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