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Want a luxury vacation but don’t want to pay luxury prices? Most people assume that you can’t get the best of both worlds, however it is in fact possible to book a luxury holiday on a budget. With some careful searching, forward planning and a bit of luck you could get the vacation of your dreams without having to spend premium prices. Here’s how…

Get upgrades from being an early bird

Booking long in advance can have many benefits. Many hotels and airlines will offer cheap rates to early birds. On top of this, you’re more likely to be offered an upgrade from booking early – this could involve being upgraded to first class on a flight for free or being upgraded to a luxury suite. This is usually in the case of last minute cancellations and isn’t something you can guarantee, however booking early will certainly increase your chances.

Join a hotel membership club

Hotel membership clubs can be ideal for those that travel a lot. Whilst you may have to pay a small membership fee, these clubs can often give you access to massive discounts or may allow you to accumulate points over time. There are many luxury rooms such as these Marriott Executive Apartments in London that are part of such club schemes. Without joining such clubs, such accommodation may never be affordable.

Venture off the beaten track

Where you go can also have a big effect in pricing. By not choosing popular locations, you could find that there are much better quality hotels within your budget whilst flight prices are also likely to be cheaper. Think Eastern Europe instead of Western Europe and Central America instead of the Caribbean. Take this hotel Helena VIP Villas & Suites in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria – a night here is almost the equivalent of a night in a budget hotel in Rome.

Travel off-season

Timing is also a big factor. If you want cheap rates on luxury accommodation, avoid peak times for tourists – hotels are more likely to lower their price when there’s lower demand. Opt for a midweek vacation rather than a weekend away and consider a September holiday rather than in the peak of summer. You should also be careful around big events such as Christmas, New Year’s day, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year.

Start comping and couponing

Comping and couponing are two other methods that could allow you to a luxury holiday for cheap. Comping involves signing up to as many competitions as possible – this increases your chances of winning. By focusing on competitions with luxury holidays as prizes, you could increase your chance of winning such as holiday, however you should be careful of competitions that require you to pay to enter. Couponing meanwhile involves shopping for and collecting coupons. There are many coupon sites where you may be able to find discounts on luxury hotels and cruises.