Creating that perfect marriage proposal is no easy gesture to plan, let alone keep under wraps. Whether it be a pristine stretch of soft white sand, an exquisite sunset setting, candlelit lit dinner at your favourite restaurant or perhaps at your own private hot tub; proposing abroad has become incredibly popular for marking the beginning of a new chapter.  

The ultimate marriage proposal has always been important for women, though they exert little control over what they will experience. And ladies, it’s not just your own vision of making the big day extra special that counts, as your groom will also want to do the same.  

So, in a bid to create the perfect proposal abroad when on holiday, here are some simple tips and tricks to making sure your bride is just as surprised as you are with your abilities to be your most romantic self.

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Spa retreat 

Perhaps you have been meaning to visit one of your ‘bucket list’ hotels, and you have finally booked a trip of a lifetime. An opportunity like this is not to be forgotten then and there’s no denying you must make it count. You have chosen an oceanside retreat that has breathless scenic views and infinity pools that stretch further than the eye can see. There is nothing quite like spending the day relaxing, with a couple’s massage and treatments throughout the day. If your suite has a private swimming pool or hot tub, or you have been given access to their outdoor facilities that overlooks the ocean, now is your chance. Take your partner for a candlelit dinner, and enjoy some hot bubbles with a glass of bubbly using a hot tub drink tray, so you can relish the moment without needing to get out and pop open a bottle champagne when your fiancé agrees to marry you.  

Picnic on a moonlit beach 

Nothing says romance like a picnic on a moonlit beach. Make sure to pick a beach that is quiet, not too hot, nor too breezy. When choosing the best time to prepare such a gesture, you may opt to do it at sunset, but if you do this, be aware, beaches could still be relatively busy, so choose a secluded spot. Alternatively, if you want to make it as romantic as possible, do it later in the evening, under the moonlight. Some luxury hotels may be able to assist you with your romantic proposal.  They may be able to organise for you a picnic blanket or table, with rose petals laid out and a picnic basket that has your partners favourite foods to make sure your proposal goes as smoothly as possible.   

Hot air balloon 

From Chile to Albuquerque in New Mexico, taking a ride in a hot air balloon is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity, and an experience you have been saving money for to do for years. Like all bucket list destinations, Cappadocia in Turkey is famous for its hot air balloon festival, with hundreds of colourful balloons soaring above the rocky, and desert landscape below. Not only is it now one of the most instagrammed places in the world, it could also make a marriage proposal the most exhilarating flight of your life.   

Onboard a yacht  

No matter your location in the world (other than England), most overseas destinations will boast a sunset guarantee. If you and your partner love to sail, hiring a private yacht can be the best way to experience unobstructed panoramas as the sun dips below the horizon. You can plan your proposal in several ways – hiring an onboard chef, organising a low-key candlelit picnic, or to go for simple elegance of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. The best part, once you propose, you have all the time you want alone to enjoy the moment, before you head back to shore and let everyone know your news.